How to Rest a Redmax Weed Eater

5 quiet ideas for your "No Workout Day"!


"All work and no play makes Jack a boring boy" is the common saying and how true it is! Rest days are essential for any training plan. They are designed to rejuvenate the body and mind. If we push ourselves too much without resting, we will only adjust to sore muscles, injuries, inadequate sleep, and deterioration in performance. If you are a mom, the added pressure of running a home and looking after children will only add to the strain on you!

Resting gives your body a chance to repair muscles and develop. Because of this, you need to use some ideas to get some rest on the training days. Let the rest days count from today!

Learn how to properly rest on a day off from work

1. Stay limber

After exercising for so many days in a row, your muscles can be incredibly tense and this leads to a lot of pain. It is therefore a good idea to work on flexibility and mobility on a "free" day. It will prepare your body for the rigors of strength training and keep you injury free. Start your day with a warm up, followed by a few light exercises and stretching to awaken muscles, joints, and tendons. It is a rest day. that's all you have to do.

2. Have fun

Work on something that makes you happy and keeps you active at the same time. Take a bike ride with your kids. Take part in playing soccer. Take her out for a swim or take a long walk if you don't feel like it. Have you neglected your yoga? Collect it and meditate. Sign up for a fun dance class. It's important that you do something that you enjoy and that keeps you active at the same time.

3. Help a friend who is exercising

Do you have a friend who wants to join the fitness band but isn't sure how? If you have been training for some time, you can get advice and share personal experiences. This is very helpful for someone who has just gone to a gym and is unable to achieve their goals. If you're just getting started on a fitness proposition, try connecting with friends who are in the same boat.

4. Train your brain cells

Don't neglect your brain. Like your body, it needs exercise. Read, learn and improve your mental skills. Learn to edit photos, learn a musical instrument, or learn a new language. Do brain teasers like crossword puzzles and sudoku. Treat yourself to anything that stimulates you mentally. Remember, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body!

5. Treat yourself to something good

You've been a good girl all week, sticking to your exercise plan and diet. You deserve a reward! Reward yourself with your favorite dessert, whether it's a decadent sundae with all toppings or a pizza (a thin crust, ghost!). Take the kids out and take a family outing. You could watch a movie and enjoy a big bucket of popcorn. Just go ahead and give yourself a treat.

Try these ideas to get some rest on the training days. Everyone needs a break and so does your body. After a strenuous fitness routine, you deserve a break. It refreshes the mind and body and makes you decide on your next workout.