How to auto number in Word 2010

Word: automatically numbering headings - this is how it works

Numbering headings manually is possible, but tedious. Fortunately, Word can automatically number headings. It's a matter of a few clicks and you can even create your own formats. Here is the explanation ...

An important prerequisite for the automatic numbering of all headings in a Word document is that it really is all eligible headings were also formatted as such. Sometimes headings are simply formatted bold or a little larger via the font selection, but then not that Paragraph format of a heading is being used. If you move through the text and place the cursor in a heading, the Start menu under Styles immediately to see if it's one Standard paragraph or about one 2nd order heading acts. In case of doubt, a quick formatting with one click is sufficient.

Word automatically number headings with just a few clicks

You can save individual lines or paragraphs as Enumerations format. Then there are round dots or numbers in front of it, for example. In the same area of ​​the program you will find an option with which Word can automatically number headings. And in a number of ways.

You know headings of various orders from Word. There is as top level the first-order headings. For example, chapters under this heading get a 2nd order sub-heading. And depending on the importance, you can graduate it even further. And it is precisely these levels that are used when Word is to number the headings.

This is how you can automatically number Word headings:

  1. First you place the cursor in the very first heading of the text and format it in the area Styles of Start menus as Heading 1.
  2. To the left of this area is the area paragraph. This one has top left three icons. The one on the right shows its name when you drive over it List with several levels. Here you click on the little arrow.
  3. Now a selection menu opens, which you can see in the picture above. There you can select several numbering options. The simplest of these is the sixth choice in the section List library to see. you automatically numbers the headings in Word with normal numbers.

As soon as you have clicked on this selection, the active heading is given a preceding number. But all the following headings now also have such a number. Graded according to the paragraph and order of the heading.

If the headings have been numbered, you can use them as well Create a clear table of contents. Our video shows you how it works:

Format numbered headings

As already mentioned, there is the quick method in Word to number headings completely automatically. But at the same time you can determine yourself how this numbering should look like. Of course you are not completely free and you cannot invent a new system of order. But within certain limits, Word headings can be numbered automatically in a wide variety of formats.

To understand correctly: numbered Headings are a kind of numbered list for Word. And that's why you can also define your own formats and create your own "list type".

  • To do this, click in the area paragraph of the menu begin on the third icon with the list levels.
  • At the bottom there is then the option Define a new multilevel list.
  • Clicking on it opens the window shown above.
  • There you can click on up to 9 different levels on the left and then assign a separate format to each level below.
  • The formatting is done with OK and is now also available for selecting new headings in the format templates.

If you use this option, you can have the Word headings numbered automatically in the most varied of orders. For example, Latin capital letters for the first level, lower case letters for the second level, and numbers for the third level. As long as something can be counted, you can use it there as a number.