How long does the Kamehame Ridge hike take

Hiking: How do I start?

Two ways to start a hike: either with the right or that left Foot: P.

First and foremost, you need comfortable footwear . No matter what it is, I've led people across mountain ranges and all they wore were cross-trainers. If you're serious, you should determine what type of trails you plan to hike and purchase a suitable pair of boots, hikers, or trail runners for the terrain you plan to hike over. If you are hiking on uneven ground or carrying a heavy backpack, get something with good ankle support if you are hiking on muddy / wet trails, something that is also waterproof if you are hiking anywhere Hot, get something that breathes well. If you're walking on smooth, flat, and well-maintained trails, just get yourself a pair of comfy trail runners that are likely to be more than adequate. Don't go out and get the most intense pair of boots you can. It is important that you get the matching Got boots. I have many pairs of boots and I choose which ones I will wear depending on the hike.

After your boot, if you're in the mood for an upgrade and want more comfort hiking accessories, check out breathable technical clothing , a water bubble and Trekking poles invest (sticks make one on the long walks or on the legs huge Difference between steep climbs and save your knees on the descents) and gradually get bigger and bigger Backpacks, when you go out on longer and longer hikes.

To get fit, just hike often, walk a lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, and just get up and move around more often. Any type of activity prepares you for hiking.

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I don't like water bubbles because: a / you don't know how much is left b / to refill them you have to take them out and put them back in completely, a bottle fits on the side of the pack c / it is not practical though You need to purify water on the way. d / the tube freezes when it gets cold.


There aren't that many backpack sizes. As I see it, there are 3 parameters: a / whether you have to sleep or not b / how much food you have to carry c / do you need special equipment (warmer clothes, snowshoes, climbing gear ...).


Ankle support is overrated (some will argue that it weakens the ankle muscles because they don't work, resulting in less common but more important injuries). Waterproof boots get soaked after hours or days of rain (often from water dripping into the boot along the calves).


@ njzk2, carry a 50 pound bag with vibrating five fingers up and down steep mountain ranges for a few days, then tell me the ankle support is overrated. I'll tell you what to expect: one morning you will wake up and your shins will feel like they're splintered. It was a long excruciating hike out of the woods that helped me see exactly the benefit of having ankle support when carrying a heavy bag.