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Online wholesaler - Amazon wants to open a new supermarket chain

The online retail giant Amazon wants to open dozens of new supermarkets in several major US cities, according to a newspaper report. The first branch should open at the end of the year in the west coast metropolis of Los Angeles, wrote the "Wall Street Journal", citing informed people.

Lease contracts have already been signed for two more stores that are due to open at the beginning of next year. Other cities could be San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and the US capital Washington. The group is also considering buying local supermarket chains, each running around a dozen stores. There was initially no comment from Amazon.

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In recent years, media reports have also indicated that the company is considering opening hundreds of stores in the United States.

Tech entrepreneur Jeff Bezos' group had already taken over the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods, but the report says that the new stores will not be built under this brand and offer other, cheaper products. Whole Foods is more of a supplier of high-priced foods and generally has no items with artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners in its range. It is still unclear whether the new chain could run under Amazon's own brand name, it said.

The group operates several innovative stores under the name “Amazon Go” that do without cash registers - cameras and other sensors recognize which items customers take out of the rules and insert. The system works, but so far Amazon has been using it in smaller retail spaces. At Whole Foods, the company is also experimenting with special offers for users of its paid subscription service Prime, which has so far mainly offered online benefits.

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