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What is an uplink port? Definition and explanation

On the switch you will sometimes find the designation "Uplink" on a socket. But what is an uplink? We'll tell you.

If you are looking for an uplink port definition, we have to go a little further. First of all: it plays an important role in the computer network (LAN or WAN). Distribution devices such as a hub or a switch (“switch”, “distributor”) connect individual parts of the network.

In contrast to a hub, a switch does not send the data to be transmitted to all computers in the network, but only to the correct recipient. You can find out more about the switch in our article:

What is a switch?

In the case of a switch, a distinction is made between port and segment switches. Segment switches can manage multiple MAC addresses per port. Port switches can only manage one MAC address per port, so you can only connect end devices. Unless the device has one Uplink port.

What does uplink port mean?

In computer networks, an uplink is the connection from one switch to the next Switch(or hub) meant.

What does the uplink port do?

If you want to connect a switch to another switch using a normal network cable (patch cable), you need the uplink port. This swaps the sender and receiver pair of the ports so that the whole thing works. Alternatively, you can do this without an uplink port. To do this, however, you have to use a crossover cable, which has the same effect.

The latter is no longer necessary these days, thanks to theAuto uplink technology. The port detects whether it is a connection to a computer (receiving) or an uplink connection to a switch or router (sending).

The early switches didn't yet master one Auto-MDI-Xwhich is why they were connected to each other via crossover cables or uplink ports. Thanks to Auto MDI-X, switches and network cards can now identify the send or receive line of the connected cable and switch over if necessary.

If you have problems with your network, check the network settings. In the gallery we show how it works:

If your network goes on strike, the video shows you simple solutions:

Now you know what an uplink port is and what it has to do with the network. Do you have any further questions about the home or office network? Then let us and our readers tell you in the comments.

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