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OBWALDEN: The President of the Cantonal Council was desperately looking for his motorbike

OBWALDEN: The President of the Cantonal Council was desperately looking for his motorbike

Willy Fallegger experienced anxious hours yesterday, Thursday, at his last regular meeting as President of the Cantonal Council. Even the Justice Director worked up a sweat.

Christoph Riebli

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"I still want to know something," said Willy Fallegger (SVP, Alpnach) at the end of yesterday's meeting - his last full as President of the Cantonal Council. "Who stole my motorbike?"

Fallegger set off in the morning from Alpnach to the town hall in Sarnen in the fox-tailed vehicle with the number OW 1 - symbolic of the tallest Obwalden. A joyride for the 58-year-old, after all, at the weekend, he had given political guidance to the two-pass trip of the Töffliclub Kolbenhobler Innerschwiiz: “We drove for three hours. Nobody was allowed to overtake me from the Alpnach airport to Sarnen. Then everyone passed me up the Faith Mountain because my bike wasn't pimped up. " Despite the pain in the leather seat, he bit through and celebrated his days in the Töfflibuebe: "When I was young, I had just such a red Töffli, a pony," enthused Fallegger yesterday on the Rathausplatz. Fallegger had parked the recently purchased vehicle secured with a chain by the Ratshausbrücke. During the morning break, hectic suddenly broke out: His motorbike was gone! Security and Justice Director Christoph Amstad immediately joined them. After a phone call from the boss to Foribach, it was clear: "So the police haven't towed a motorbike today." The pause came to an end, and doubts gnawed at Fallegger. Even the lunch break did not bring any investigative breakthrough. Fallegger left the council chamber surprisingly quickly in the evening after his work was done. So fast that he caught his party colleague Hans Unternährer pulling the object of his desire out of a white van. The thief was convicted - the faction took the liberty of joking and even cut the heavy iron chain. After that, the world was all right again, as the picture shows. So Fallegger did a few more laps in the village square.