How the Universe Works s02 subtitles


An example of subtitles in the game

subtitle are an in-game function that displays text for all sounds played in the game. It was developed for the hearing impaired and deaf players. They can also be used to play the game with soft or no sound.

Use [edit]

You can switch the subtitles on or off in the menu / options / music and sounds. When they are switched on, you can see a black field in the lower right corner of the screen, in which all noises that are currently being played in the vicinity of the player are displayed. If the noise source is not on the screen, arrows ("<" or ">") are displayed to the right or left, pointing in the direction in which the noise source is located. When the sound fades out, the text fades out too.

All sounds (environment, from creatures, blocks or other sources) have their own individual subtitles. For creatures, the creature name is represented using a specific verb, such as "rabbit beeps" or "villager mumbles". Noises when dismantling or setting blocks as well as the step noises are not specified on the nature of the respective block.

The subtitles are specified and translated in the language files and can also be changed using resource packages.

Examples [edit]

Blocks [edit]

block Data value English German
All blocksBlock placed Block placed
Block breaking Block breaks
Block broken Block destroyed
Footsteps steps
chestChest closes Chest closes
Chest opens Chest opens
Chest locked Locked chest
FireFire crackles Fire crackles
Fire extinguished Fire goes out
pistonPiston moves Piston works
portalPortal whooshes Portal rustles

Beings [edit]

Essence Data value English German
catCat meows Cat meows
Cat hurts Cat is harmed
Cat this Cat dies
Magma cubeMagma Cube squishes Magma cube wobbles
Magma Cube hurts Magma cube takes damage
Magma Cube this Magma cube dies

Objects [edit]

object Data value English German
Armor standSomething fell Armor stand has fallen
eggEgg flies Egg flies
Experience sphereExperience gained Get experience
LoreMinecart rolls Lore rolls
TNTTNT fizzes TNT hisses

Items [edit]

object Data value English German
All itemsItem breaks Object breaks
LighterFlint and steel click Lighter ignites
bucketBucket empties Bucket emptied
scissorsShears click Scissors cuts

Weather [edit]

event Data value English German
lightningLighting strikes lightning strike
Thunder roars Thunder rumbles
rainRain falls Rain pelts
caveEerie noise Scary sound

History [edit]