Battle Outpost Zerok Wikihow

Sept 12, 2018

wikiHow is proud to launch the newest international version of our website: Turkish wikiHow. Turkish is spoken by over 85 million total speakers worldwide. We are excited to be able to provide Turkish readers with a new, localized version of wikiHow’s highly rated educational content.

With the addition of Turkish, wikiHow is now available in 18 languages ​​and serves over 240 countries and territories across the globe. By offering content in new languages, wikiHow makes its guides available to millions of new readers who can both learn from and share knowledge with others. The Turkish site is launching with hundreds of readily available helpful how-to articles localized to the Turkish language and culture.

Check it out at:

Some examples of helpful, localized content now available in Turkish are:

Prior to the launch of Turkish, wikiHow was already available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese. Collectively, wikiHow’s international sites offer tens of thousands of how-to articles with millions of readers across our non-English sites each month.

wikiHow is excited to welcome Turkish to its growing family, and continue its mission to help everyone in the world to learn how to do anything! 💚 🌍

Learn more about wikiHow’s Language Projects here.