What are some anime movies on youtube

Why are videos continuously removed from YouTube after they have been there for some time?

Well, it was really bad, I had a playlist with really good old films, DEFA films were also there, even some that I didn't even know, then I still had GDR TV films on this list, at some point there were only a few So-called "empty", that is, deleted videos, which then grew more and more, most recently I had about 120 films that the users once put in on Youtube, only under 20, everything else was deleted. Some of these deleted films said that some copyrights had been violated (how does that work; with old GDR or DEFA films to violate any copyrights?

Or, I once had a list of films that included Karl May films on it, so this Winnetou trilogy (Winnetou I, II III, all of these Indian films were suddenly all deleted, some of them again being about so-called authors -Right went!

The same thing for music playlists, I once had the Biermann gig from 1976 in Kö on it, which was gone at some point.