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Giving back

Just as our products help improve and support the lives of our consumers, we strive to improve lives through the work we do, as a company and as individuals.

Corporate social responsibility

PharmaCare is committed to our community, embracing responsibility for the well-being of our customers, employees, family, the environment, and groups and individuals in need.


PharmaCare proudly supports the good work of many organizations. From supporting school and charity based raffles; to fun runs and adventure races; getting involved in charity fundraisers like Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and Movember; and donating a percentage of sales to raise funds for major charity initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians, PharmaCare believe in giving back to our community.

The PharmaCare Helping Hand Committee helps individuals going through a tough time, either because of illness, accident, disability, or whatever cruel twists life sometimes throws at us. Every year, funds are put aside solely for the purpose of helping others. The Committee also runs charity fundraisers on behalf of the company, such as Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and Movember, amongst others.

We are a recognized Bronze Award supporter of Stewart House (the NSW Public Educations Charity of Choice). For 88 years Stewart House has been providing children with a much needed break from difficult circumstances offering residential, health, education, excursions and helping build their social and emotional skills. We look forward to continuing our ongoing support of such an important local charity.

  • Fish Oil Friendly - As a major marketer of fish oils, we ensure that our fish oils are sourced from eco-friendly fisheries, to ensure that we have a sustainable supply of Omega 3 from fish oil for years to come
  • Packaging Responsibility - Pharmacare is continually looking for environmentally responsible solutions to our everyday business practices. PharmaCare is a fully compliant signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and is committed to the sustainable manufacture, use and recovery of packaging. The company's aim is to support the packaging covenants in its mandate to reduce the amount of packaging waste entering the environment through disposal via landfill.

As one of the largest Australian owned Consumer Packaged Goods companies, PharmaCare regards it's support of the Australian Packaging Covenant as an important contribution to the environment and to the people of Australia.