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Surprise in the delivery room: Were overlooked on the ultrasound: Woman is expecting seven babies - and will have nine

A 25-year-old woman from Mali became the mother of Neunlingen on Tuesday. The surprise was great because the doctors had assumed that there were "only" seven babies. The mother and the five girls and four boys are doing well.

As the "Daily Mail" reports, Halima Cisse was flown to Morocco especially for the birth of her children. After the government of her home country Mali became aware of the unusual pregnancy, the aim was to ensure the best possible medical care.

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Both at home and in Morocco, two of the babies were not recognized during ultrasound examinations. So one started out from Siebenlingen. At the birth, which took place via a caesarean section, it turned out that there were even nine babies.

Nine babies born: mother and babies are doing fine

According to a statement by Mali's Health Minister Fanta Siby, both the mother and the children are doing well. Nine births are extremely rare and complications are common in childbirth. In this case, everything seems to have gone well.

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