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"The influence of the spiritual world in current events."
“It is already the case in the humanities: you cannot answer some questions clearly and bluntly because our contemporaries are not yet ready to absorb truths in the right style. Some things have to be hinted at. If you read up on the lectures that were given in Vienna not long before the outbreak of this terrible world catastrophe, you will find the place of social carcinoma there,
of the social cancer disease that eats at human development. Such things and many similar things were intended to indicate what is in store for the evolution of mankind, and such things should prompt us to reflect. Because this reflection is what can only wake us up in a real sense. And waking life, we need it, and humanity needs it. And if
Spiritual science wants to fulfill its task, it is above all necessary that it become the stimulus to full wakefulness. For we only know about the things that take place in the sense world and about the laws that the understanding can see through as in that
The world of the senses is present, which means sleeping in a higher sense. Humanity is only fully awake when it can also develop concepts and ideas of that spiritual world, which is around us just as much as air and water, like the stars, like
the sun and the moon. And just as one sleeps if one is only completely surrendered to the inner body process at night and has no idea of ​​what is around in the outer physical world, so one sleeps also when one is only surrendered to the outer sensory world and the World of the mind and the laws of the mind that prevail in the outer world of the senses, and has no idea of ​​what is around one as
spiritual world.
It is strange that in the last few centuries - and worst at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century - humanity insisted so much on its intellectual progress, on its scientific achievements, and that basically never the unconscious, instinctive life was so spread out as in this time that more and more against the present the instinctive unconscious has taken hold of people. Not seeing what is spiritual around us, not calculating with this spiritual, that is ultimately the cause of this terrible world struggle. And one cannot say that mankind through the years, which, as I have indicated, lengthen like centuries for those who live through them while awake, one cannot say that mankind has already learned enough from what is in so terrible has happened. Unfortunately, one could even say the opposite of this.
What is it that is really characteristic that one can now notice every day, every hour, when one follows what people think today - better said, pretend to think, to want to pretend - what is actually characteristic? The really characteristic thing is that basically nobody in the world knows what they want, that nobody thinks about what they legitimately want
could - regardless of how it is in the individual minds of the individual peoples - would be achieved much better if one omitted the terrible, bloody events that these terrible, bloody events are taking place and that they are actually unnecessary
are, are unnecessary to what is wanted.
However, there are mysterious connections at work in these events. But if you take some of the things that have been said, albeit only vaguely, over the years in our lectures on the humanities, you will find
that also with regard to that which has become the most significant in the events of the last few years, some things have been indicated very clearly. If you only take what has also been developed within these spaces, especially in recent years
has been about the character of the Russian people and about the contrast of this Russian people to the West and Central European peoples, then you will realize that you don't need anything other than what has been said here
Understanding of the event that has apparently struck so stormily of late, for understanding what is commonly called the Russian Revolution now, this event that broke in like retaliation, but one
inwardly absolutely understandable karmic retribution, whereby one has to take this word as a terminus technicus and not at all in the moral sense. It will not only be Russian, it will be European, humanity all over the world will have to ponder for a long, long time about the events that are now taking place in Eastern Europe in a much more mysterious manner than one actually thinks. For what has been going on for centuries
prepared, it came to the surface. And the new that wants to shape itself still shows a completely different face today than the one that wants to develop, that wants to shape itself. Later genders will still have the option
have to make the difference between Maja and reality vividly by what will develop in the next decades in the east of Europe. Because the present generations do not accept Maya as Maya, but as one
Reality. They accept what is happening now as something that is already what it wants to be. It's not like this. Something completely different wants to surface. And the peoples of the West are poorly equipped to understand what is trying to surface.
Why are you so ill-equipped? As strange as this looks to humans, not
for you, but for the normal person of the present - you are all because you belong to anthroposophy, not normal person of the present - as strange as it looks for the normal person, more, infinitely more than any other time requires
This present time is what these people least of all want from people: an understanding of the humanities. As strange as it sounds to the normal person of the present: order will not emerge from the chaos of the present until a sufficiently large number of people have made themselves comfortable to recognize the truths of the humanities. That will be the karma of world history.
Let the people speak who believe that we have a war now, as earlier wars were, and that we will soon make peace, as earlier peace was made; make people believe that. These are the people who are Maja
love, these are the people who do not distinguish truth from deception. Perhaps let these people make a dummy peace themselves somehow:
Order will only emerge from this chaos that now pervades the world when the dawn of a spiritual-scientific conception seizes people. And if you should feel in your heart: Then order will not be for a long time, then it will take a long time - because you may believe that people will not be comfortable for a long time to let a spiritual-scientific dawn rise - then
you'll be right. But then you only believe that there will be no order out of this chaos for a long time, because it will not become earlier than until a conception of the humanities penetrates human hearts. Everything else will be appearance, everything else will be apparent calm, under which ever new and new flames of fire will ignite, because order will only emerge from this chaos,
when you will understand where this chaos came from.
It arose from an unspiritual apprehension of reality - yes, from an unspiritual apprehension of reality. The spiritual world is not ignored with impunity. One can believe that one can ignore the spiritual world with impunity, one can believe that one can indulge oneself in the world with concepts, ideas that are merely taken from the sensory world, one can believe that, and that is the general belief of today
Mankind. But it is not true. No! The most erroneous belief that mankind has ever harbored is that - if I may express myself trivially - that the spirits put up with being ignored. Take it as one for my sake
Egoism, as a selfishness of the spirits, but a different terminology applies in the spiritual world than here in the sensual-physical world. So for my sake take it as an egoism of the spirits, but the spirits take revenge if they are ignored here. It is a law, it is an iron necessity: the spirits take revenge. And among the various characteristics that one can give for the present is also
this right, so that one can say: The revenge of the spirits for ignoring them for so long, that is the current chaos of humanity.
Do you remember how often I have said here and in other places: There is a mysterious connection between what human consciousness is and the destructive forces of the universe, especially the forces of destruction of the universe. Yes, this mysterious connection between the destructive forces of the universe and the consciousness that exists; he insists that one stands up as a substitute for the other
can serve one side or must serve the other side in the following way.
Let us assume that there had been an age, say in the last twenty or thirty years of the 19th century, in which humanity strived for the spiritual as it did for the material in the last two to three decades of the 19th century Knowledge and pursued material deeds. Let us assume that at the end of this 19th century people would have striven for spiritual experience, for spiritual knowledge, for spiritual deeds. What would that have been? What would it have been if people had tried to recognize the spiritual world and to give the physical world a character, a foundation, instead of instinctively more and more people in the last decades of the 19th century have hunted more for that knowledge which last celebrated its greatest triumphs in the design of the instruments of murder and which was absorbed in human enrichment with purely material goods? What would have happened if humanity had strived to gain spiritual knowledge, spiritual impulses for social work? It would have been an advance payment for destructive forces! People would have been more alert instead of oversleeping the last decades of the 19th century. People would have been more alert and the first decades of the twentieth century would not have had to bring about the destruction if awareness had been stronger. The spiritual consciousness has to be stronger than the purely sensual-material consciousness. Would be that
Spiritual awareness had been stronger in the last decades of the 19th century, so the destructive forces did not need to intervene in the first decades of the 20th century.
Most intensely, most urgently - epistemologically - but, one might say the most cruel, one perceives this when one makes acquaintance with some of the dead who have moved into the spiritual world, be it in the last decades of the 19th century, be it in the first decades of the 20th century. Many souls were among them, those here on this earth within the hustle and bustle and striving in
Material ones have not had the opportunity to awaken their consciousness with spiritual impulses. Many have passed through the gate of death without even having a clue of terms, of ideas that suggest spiritual impulses. If here on earth, before these souls had passed through the gate of death, it had been possible for them to include spiritual things in their ideas, in their concepts, they would have carried this through the gate of death. That would have been a good for them that they need after death. You couldn't have it.
Anyone who knows the history of ideas, the so-called history of ideas of the last decades of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century, knows that you didn't even know how to apply the word spirit to the right thing: you have it on
all sorts of things applied except to what is really spirit. So the souls had no way of knowing the spirit here. You have to take the down payment. They are panting now that they have entered the spiritual world through the gate of death, they are panting - yes, what are they, these souls who lived here in materialism, what are they panting for? According to destructive forces in the physical
World they thirst! Because that is the down payment. These things cannot be dismissed in convenient terms. Do you want the
To get to know realities, then one must get a feeling for what was called the brazen necessity in the Egyptian mysteries. As terrible as it is, it was very necessary for destruction to take hold, as those who had passed through the gate of death longed for destructive forces in which to live after they had not been able to receive the down payment through spiritual impulses.
Order will not emerge from the chaos sooner before humanity decides to let such serious truths really flow through their souls and also to let such serious truths flow into the ideas that are politically moving through the world today.
And if these truths sound pessimistic and you think: How far is humanity from all that has now been meant to be called for - then you are right. But let this your justified pessimism follow the inner call, the waking call, wherever you can, at any point in life to which you are placed, to make the attempt to awaken souls according to the
Direction in which spiritual science can send its impulses. Of course, you can't do much today, but you really have to make an honest, sincere endeavor, in the way that one or the other can understand it, to draw attention to this concrete aspect, which consists in the recent times Has evoked longings in the dead, which are now met with what we living here on the physical plane experience with shuddering. (Rudolf Steiner) (on 09/29/1917 in GA 177 (“The spiritual backgrounds of the outer world”), p. 13 ff. ”)”

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