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Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy - Hollywood's Secretest Love

From today's perspective it is incredible. How can two Hollywood stars keep their love a secret?

Even more incomprehensible: An open secret that was not even whispered about in the film studios? And completely incomprehensible: Even the media put a cloak of silence over this love. For 26 years! Hollywood in the pit of sin!

The main actors of this (eerie) secret love story: Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, two geniuses in the art of acting. It sparked between them in 1941 when they auditioned for the film "The Woman We Talk About". She was 34 then, he was 41 years old. In these summer days it is the 75th anniversary of the flight of love sparks. And one has to say: Most lovers would have been burned in this fire.

Because in the 26 years of their life together, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn never lived together. When traveling, they took separate rooms. There is not a single photo that shows them as a couple. Why on earth? As a rigorous Catholic, Tracy's divorce from his wife Louise Treadwell († 1983) was out of the question. She also knew where her husband was when he was not with her and their children, John (now 91) and Susan (now 84).

Namely either with Katharine, during filming or again in some hotel room, where the two-time Oscar winner was throwing away his self-doubts. Katharine Hepburn woke up and then slept in front of his bedroom door. From 1962 until his death in 1967, she even interrupted her career to take care of him.

The love life of the four-time Oscar winner was rather thin: a short marriage, an affair with the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes († 1976). She lived and loved according to the motto: "If you always do what you want, at least one person will be happy." Until Spencer Tracy came, the sun and moon of her life. "I loved him. Only his interests and needs counted. "

She revealed the secret of her love shortly before her death: “Men and women don't really match. They should only live next to each other and visit each other now and then. "

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