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Re-registration of a vehicle after decommissioning: What documents are required?


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  1. Hello,
    which license plate do I need if a vehicle that has been deregistered for 3 years (youngtimer)
    should be presented to the TÜV before re-registration with a change of owner?
    Thank you for a quick reply

  2. Hello, can someone tell me something about deregistering a diesel if it has been deregistered for 1.75 years. Is currently 22 years old, but with a registered green environmental sticker.
    Greetings Sonja

  3. There are short-term indicators for a maximum of 5 days. Normally, you can only get this for transfer with a valid HU.
    You can get these without a valid HU, only they are limited to the issuing LK for the purpose of a trip to the HU / workshop.

  4. Hello, wanted to register my car again tomorrow, but now the TÜV seal says September 20!
    Will I even get my Corsa registered with it tomorrow?

  5. Hello my car has been foreclosed due to tax debts. Now I want to register it again, can I pay the fees for the shutdown when I re-register or where do I have to go?