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E-bike motor no longer supports (2021) - The 6 most common causes


The e-bike motor no longer provides support - will that be expensive? The biker is shocked when the technology suddenly fails. Since modern drives are very mature, real damage rarely occurs.


The e-bike motor no longer supports - the 6 most common causes

If the e-bike motor jerks, the pedal assistance stops and suddenly stops making a sound, good advice doesn't have to be expensive. There is rarely a quality problem that requires professional repair or even replacement.

1. The on-board computer

The control unit on the handlebar can only get by with a simple rocker switch or provide an ambitious biker with a wealth of information on a display.

The first sources of interference that can bring the entire drive system to a standstill are already hidden on the bike computer:

  • Is the display properly locked into its holder? If not, there is a communication problem that is paralyzing the engine.
  • Did you get caught in a rain shower the other day? Then you should take out the display, dry the contacts and put everything back together.
  • If the window steams up from the inside, this can have something to do with temperature fluctuations.
  • A plastic bracket that is screwed on too tightly can warpso that the contacts are no longer on top of each other.

Once all physical causes have been ruled out, a specialist should perform a diagnosis and, if necessary, replace the hardware.

2. The sensors

Without functioning electronics, the e-bike motor is lost. The display shows 0 km speed. Some customers who bring their e-bikes to the workshop in a completely exasperated state have an aha experience there:

  • The troublemaker is a magnet that has twisted the spoke. Or he got lost. The magnet is simply screwed tight so that it is opposite the sensor on the chain rod. A mark on the sensor indicates the optimal position.
  • A defect in internal engine sensors occurs less oftenthat are necessary for recording cadence and power transmission. Older e-bikes with TranX front motors have a magnetic ring between the bottom bracket and the crank.
  • The space to the customer is naturally filled with dirt. Careful cleaning restores the function. Just make sure that the components maintain their position during the (soon to be regular) cleaning.

3. The battery

Powerful lithium-ion batteries are known for their long service life. They hardly need any maintenance, they should only be taken into the house when it is hot above 30 ° C and cold below 5 ° C. The average service life is around 500 to 1000 charging cycles.

  • If the capacity of the battery drops quickly or switches off despite pleasant temperatures, the circuit board could be defective. A workshop repairs the fault or replaces the entire battery.
  • On the other hand, moisture could also have penetrated the contacts: Take out the battery, dry the contacts and spray some pole grease. This creates corrosion protection at the same time.
  • Is the battery firmly seated in its holder or is there play? As a temporary measure, it helps to clamp foam rubber pads between the housing and the frame. The workshop should fix the battery properly at the latest during the next inspection.

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4. The wiring

If the e-bike motor is bothering, a look at the cable connections may solve the problem in 10 seconds.

It happens that due to vibrations while driving, loosen the plug under the display, on the head tube or on the chain rod, whereby the motor no longer supports.

Cables laid in the frame ensure a tidy look, but identifying the fault and repairing it is difficult.

5. E-bike motor no longer supports - motor tuning to blame?

Engine tuning is illegal, but it is practiced with small additional devices. Anyone who installs a tuning kit does not enjoy speed swapping for long:

After the next engine update, the engine will most likely stop working, which is a measure taken by the manufacturer.

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After dismantling the tuning kit, the electronics initialize and operation continues as usual.

6. Motor failure

If the e-bike motor strikes, an error code appears on the display.

  • Does your e-bike have a minimalist bike computer, the workshop locates the internal error source with a diagnostic tool.
  • It often helps to turn off the engine on the display, wait 10 seconds and try a restart. This is how the electronics are calibrated and the system corrects errors itself.
  • You can also remove and reinsert the battery. Switch on the battery using its start button.

Tip: Use your mobile phone to take a picture of the list of error codes from the operating instructions. This means that you have relevant information at hand immediately when you are on the move.

BOSCH error codes

E-bike motor no longer supports - the solution is often obvious

If the e-bike motor is no longer supported, follow the 6 instructions, otherwise a restart will help. In 99% of all cases, your bike will then run as usual. It is seldom necessary to visit the workshop.