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Watermelon Sugar - Who Would Have Thought That?

We check the watermelon sugar content

Hey who doesn't like them, the sweet delicious melons? But the Sugar content of watermelons is not to be underestimated. Whether sugar or watermelon, both have a fairly high sugar content. You have to ask yourself how healthy can you be there? In addition to the high sugar, of course you also have a lot of minerals and vitamins. One always speaks of the diet fruit in melon because it has such a high water content, but this appearance is also more than its, because with a small piece it usually does not stay and there is a lot of sugar in the amount. Sugar equals calories !!! The watermelon has about 8 grams of sugar per 100 grams ... but who sticks to 100 grams? So 40 calories per 100 grams / portion ... yes, as I said, if it stayed that way ... such a kg of melon is not really a lot ... try it out ... then we are almost at a small pizza!

Sugar or watermelons in a smoothie?

Melons are very suitable as a smoothie addition or for a freshly squeezed juice, but never forget to add a little lemon because the fruit oxidizes very quickly. Personally, I always juice the entire melon including the peel when I have one Watermelon take. As you already know, the peel contains valuable phytonutrients. When I think of what all ends up on the compost ... you could feed the whole world on ... a lot can be eaten as a complete fruit.

I myself prefer it when I put pure watermelon juice through my juicer "Click me" let it run, with a little lemon it doesn't rot right away ... yes, oxidizing is the same as being rotten ... just sounds a bit more modern! If something oxidizes, the putrefaction process begins!

Of course, the juice doesn't look that great red after juicing with the peel ... but you have gained a lot of nutrients and of course extremely reduced the sugar content!

I once visited a farm with melon cultivation in Italy, and it was very interesting to find out that the melons are even poured with sugar water so that they get their sweetness. I was flabbergasted but it's really like that!

Well, now I'm really in the mood for melon juice ... and you?

Conclusion, the watermelon in the fact check pros and cons:


  • Lots of vitamins and minerals
  • very easy to prepare
  • you can also juice the peel, super healthy!


  • many many annoying cores
  • is not suitable as a diet fruit, watermelon has a very high sugar content

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