Which petrol stations accept BP gas cards?


  • Choose a gas pump

    Refuel as usual and select your petrol pump in the app.

  • Pay by app

    After refueling, pay directly at the car with your smartphone.

  • Continue driving

    After you have paid, you can continue your journey in a relaxed manner.

Here you can pay with fillibri

You can currently use the fillibri app at over 600 petrol stations of the following brands:

  • No waiting at the checkout

    With the fillibri app you pay directly at the car and never have to wait at the gas station again.

  • Gas stations near you

    All participating petrol stations in your area will be displayed in the fillibri app.

  • Digital fuel receipts

    Keep track of all your fuel expenses with digital receipts.

It's that easy to start with fillibri

  • 1. Create a fillibri account

    Open the fillibri app and create your fillibri user account.

  • 2. Connect PayPal account

    Connect your PayPal account with your fillibri account.

  • 3. Gas station near you

    Select the gas station where you are.

  • 4. Refuel normally

    Select your gas pump and refuel your vehicle.

  • 5. Pay at the car

    After refueling, you can conveniently pay from the car.

  • 6. Continue

    After the payment confirmation you can continue straight away.

Download the fillibri app now for free

Simply fill up faster with the fillibri app

Security goes without saying

Paying not only has to be quick, it also has to be secure.

  • Secure payment via PayPal
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSL encryption
  • TouchID, Fingerprint, FaceID

You have a question? (FAQ)

Here are the most common user questions. See if your question has already been answered.

  • fillibri is currently supported by over 600 filling stations. This means that you can pay with fillibri at most Westfalen, HEM, Markant and team petrol stations. Just open the app and you will see on the start page whether there is a supported petrol station within 50 km or look up the map at fillibri.com. We are working on constantly expanding our station network.

  • The DGMK (German Scientific Society for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal e.V.) published an expert opinion in 2016, which came to the following conclusion: "At petrol stations, there is no particular risk of ignition from mobile phones in the areas used by customers."

  • After mobile payment, a payment confirmation is received in the petrol station's cash register system. In the fillibri app you will see a notice that the payment was successful and that you can continue driving.

  • You can open the app before filling up, during or after filling up.

  • You must have your location and notifications activated. For security reasons, 2-factor authentication must also be active. This means you have to have at least one PIN stored, but you can also use a pattern, fingerprint or FaceID.

  • With fillibri you can pay for your refueling quickly and easily via PayPal. Unfortunately, there are no other payment methods at the moment. We are working on offering more payment methods in the future.

  • Information on creating an account with PayPal is available here.

  • You can contact the petrol station staff at any time. If payment via fillibri does not work, you can also pay as normal at the checkout.

  • Yes. You only pay for what you have fueled yourself.

  • Very safe - fillibri and Paypal carry out your payment according to the highest security standards.

  • Data protection is very important to us. That is why we only save the most necessary data. These are not passed on to anyone and are stored securely by us and inaccessible to third parties.

This is what our satisfied customers say

My wife and I have been using the app for a while and we love it. The app is easy to use and you have the advantage of paying by smartphone in the car after refueling, without having to go into the gas station building with a mouth and nose mask.

World best! SO go to refuel! What a good idea! Super practical! And especially great for motorcyclists who don't have to take off their clothes, but simply refuel and ride again. If you want you can even stay seated. :) Great side effect: Corona compliant!

Michael B. (39) from Mainz

I have already tested a few apps that can be used to pay at the gas pump. In my opinion, you have the best user guidance! It's great that you exist. Thanks!

I started the app before refueling and everything worked wonderfully. Thank you for this modern payment system.

Jonas W. (17) from Gummersbach

The app is awesome! I used to have my “regular petrol station”, but to this day you can't pay at the petrol pump. The app is super practical, especially when things have to be done quickly. That's why I'm now a Markant customer - you really convinced me! This is the only chain of petrol stations near me that offers such a service.

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