Selena Moerder Yolanda, what happened to her

Chris Perez works tirelessly to keep Selena's legacy alive


It's been over two decades since she died prematurely, but Selena's music and influence lives on to inspire fans new and old. And with the 25th anniversary of her death approaching on March 31, we also remember her close family and friends, for whom the heartbreaking loss still stings.

Chris Perez was only in his early 20s when he and Selena got married, but the now 48-year-old seems never to have gotten over the sudden and tragic loss of love of his life. When the legendary music of the Queen of Tejano was gunned down by Yolanda Saldivar in a motel room in Corpus Christi, Chris Perez withdrew from the world and mourned.

But all these years later, we have to wonder what happened to Selena's husband. What is Chris Perez doing now and what has he done in the years since Selena's death? Continue reading!

What happened to Selena's husband, Chris Perez?

By the time Selena met Chris, he was already a well-known and respected Tejano musician with excellent guitar skills. He was hired by Selena's older brother to join the band Selena y Los Dinos in the early days, and he soon started dating the band's leadership, Selena.

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Unfortunately for the lovebirds, Selena's father was adamantly opposed to the relationship, repeatedly threatening to break up if the couple didn't end things, even going so far as to dismiss Chris from the group. As viewers of the J. Lo biopic know, there wasn't much more to do after the pair were elected in 1993 than hugging Chris as part of the Quintanilla family.

After the tragedy of Selena's death just three years after their marriage, Chris was so devastated that he turned to drugs and alcohol to fuel his grief. He later recalled being unable to eat for two days after the murder. Also, he lost sleep and lost weight so quickly that family members became concerned.

Has Chris Perez ever remarried?

A few years later, Chris moved out of Corpus Christi and left that life behind as the city held too many painful memories. In 1998, Chris met Vanessa Villanueva and married her. The couple had two children, Noah and Cassie, before they divorced ten years later in 2008.

It was rumored at the time that while Vanessa wanted to hold the marriage together and settle their differences, Selena simply never got over what made his new relationship fail from the start.

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Although we all have our trials and difficulties to go through in this life ... we MUST be grateful for those we meet along the way ... who made us realize ... love is REALLY ... love is ABSOLUTELY ... love never dies. #MyCoco

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Where is Chris Perez now?

While the first few years after Selena's death were spent in seclusion, Chris now works tirelessly to keep Selena's legacy alive. "It went from something I was trying to downplay to something I got used to," Chris said in an interview. 'It's inspiring to go out there and talk about it and see the love the fans have 20 years later.'

Chris diligently pays tribute to his first and seemingly greatest love each year on various anniversaries that were important to the couple and shares personal moments with fans.

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In March 2012, Chris also published the book To Selena with love detailing the couple's relationship and struggles.

He described the process of writing the book as an aid to him while giving fans many of the answers they were looking for. For example, the book dispelled the rumor that Selena was pregnant when she died that was circulating during her death.

The book was to be adapted as a television series until Selena's father filed a lawsuit to stop production, saying that Chris did not have the right to authorize the production of the show. With Selena's father still owning the rights to her life and career, it doesn't look like this show is going to happen anytime soon.

For his part, Chris will continue to work to keep Selena's name alive in the minds and hearts of her fans.