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Dream to Florida with these 10 films

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Longing for Florida? Unfortunately, we still have to be patient with real trips to the Sunshine State, but the pictures of several classic films help us to dream of the Emerald Coast to Key West.

Film off and wanderlust off! You can travel all over Florida from home with these films:



"Good Morning! Oh, and if we don't see each other: good afternoon, good evening and good night! " "The Truman Show" was filmed 20 years ago. The artificial Seahaven, in which Jim Carrey plays the involuntary protagonist of a permanent reality show in the film, is actually the small coastal town of Seaside on the Emerald Coast.



With its pastel-colored houses, the white beach and the turquoise blue sea, the holiday village looks like Florida out of a picture book. And good news for movie fans: The Truman Burbank house is still there. In real life there is no need to be afraid of falling headlights, thank God.



Tim Burton's fantasy classic "Edward Scissorhands" starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder is set in an American suburb where everything goes its way up to the extraordinary Edward, who lived alone for a long time in a nearby dilapidated property arouses a mixture of fear and lust for sensation in the residents.



When looking for a suitable location, they struck gold near Tampa in Florida. In the Lutz district, 44 houses in a newly built settlement were painted with pale pastel colors for the shooting. The street where Edward is busy grooming hedges and neighbors in the movie is actually Tinsmith Circle.



The Castle on the Hill was just a purpose-built movie set, but the Southgate Shopping Center, where Edward is supposed to open his own hair salon, really does exist. Just a forty minute drive east of Tampa, in Lakeland.



And another film tip for the area between Tampa and Orlando: For the tragic comedy "My Girl" with Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky, a whole range of locations were found here:

The Sultenfoss Parlor, in which Vada lives with her father and later the beautician Shelly and likes to play cards with her friend Thomas on the veranda, is in Bartow. The building used to be a bed & breakfast accommodation, but unfortunately it is now closed.



Many street scenes and the shots of Thomas and Mr. Bixler's houses were shot in Sanford. The weeping willow at the lake, where the friends like to hang out and the film finds its sad end, was in Clermont. Both locations are near Orlando.



In the thirties, Johnny Weissmüller swung from tree to tree in his first Tarzan appearance in "Tarzan, the Ape Man". It was shot in Silver Springs State Park, one of Florida's freshwater springs and the Sunshine State's first tourist attraction. On a glass floor tour you can still see the famous Tarzan Tree today.



Crystal clear water and a great jungle backdrop can also be found in Wakulla Springs State Park near the capital Tallahassee, where many other Tarzan films were made in the forties, including "Tarzan's Secret Treasure" and "Tarzan's Adventures in New York".



The diving tower at the bathing area was built especially for the filming at the time. And of course, jungle celebrity Johnny Weissmüller also stayed at the Lodge at Wakulla Springs during the Tarzan production in the 1940s.



Do you fancy some nostalgic horror? The two state parks Silver and Wakulla Springs also served as suitable locations for the cult classic "The Horror of the Amazon" from 1954. The Hole in the Water in Wakulla Springs, in which the cameraman was during the recordings, still testifies to the underwater recordings.



Among other things, the scene in which the gill man kidnaps the woman was created in Silver Springs. Today the Sund Deck is located there. The long walkway from the film may have disappeared, but the surrounding nature is still reminiscent of the fictional Black Lagoon with the eerie creature.



With the historical film "First Man", in which Ryan Gosling can be seen as astronaut Neil Armstrong, we can travel to the moon and to the Kennedy Space Center at the same time.



In the film, the one hundred meter long Saturn V rocket, which is located in the Apollo / Saturn-V Center of the Kennedy Space Center, was used for some CGI-processed images. And the Astrovan that is exhibited there also makes its first cinematic use in “First Man”.



Other films that were made at Cape Canaveral are e.g. "Armageddon", "Men in Black 3", "Contact", "Apollo 13" or "The Martian".



Welcome to Miami! Hardly a day goes by in the film world without a crime to be solved in Miami. In addition to Crocket & Tubbs in “Miami Vice”, the two “Bad Boys” Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) did this particularly extensively.



Most of the filming locations can be found along the famous Ocean Drive with its many Art Deco hotels. The first "Bad Boys" movie also features the Tropics Hotel on Collins Ave. For Bad Boys 2 ”the Viscaya Museum with its beautiful gardens was used, where scenes for“ Ace Ventura ”and“ Iron Man 3 ”were created.



The latest film in the series, "Bad Boys for Live", was of course again in Miami. The locations include, for example, Jose Marti Park, Collins Avenue and the Broadmoor Hotel in Miami Beach.



Not enough of Miami yet? There's more in the mafia classic "Scarface" with Al Pacino as gang boss Tony Montana. Some scenes were shot in California, but the most famous ones stayed in Florida:

The infamous chainsaw scene originated on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. The building, in which a drug deal went completely wrong in the film, now houses a drug store. A sign next to the stairs indicates the Hollywood Landmark.



Frank Lopez's home is on Key Biscayne and Miami's most famous film hotel is also featured in the gangster epic: the Fontainebleau luxury hotel. At the spacious pool, Tony and his buddy Manny are after the women. "Bodyguard" and "Goldfinger" also join the film history there.



The black and white classic from 1948 takes us to the Upper Keys and their oldest bar, the Caribbean Club. This is where the exterior shots for the secluded hotel in "Gangster in Key Largo" with Humphrey Bogart in the lead role of US officer Frank McCloud were made.



The bar still exists today and has been used as a filming location since then, including for the Netflix series “Bloodline” and the thriller “Blood and Wine” starring Jack Nicholson.



Finally, James Bond should of course not be missing. Because the 007 film "License to Kill" was shot entirely in the Florida Keys.



The opening sequence of the film was filmed on the Seven Mile Bridge between Marathon and Bahia Honda Key. Here the prisoner transport falls from the bridge, which can also be seen in the explosive chase in "True Lies".



The Hemingway House is one of the most popular attractions in Key West, even for film lovers. But important for the 007 fans: James Bond (Timothy Dalton) lost his "license to kill" on the veranda of the property where Ernest Hemingway lived for almost ten years. Just half a mile away is St Mary Star of the Sea, where Bond's friend Felix Leiter gets married.


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