How to play doodles to love

Education books: How to love who


Some babies are brought by dinosaurs, some grow in flower pots, and others hatch from eggs. Two children look at their parents in disbelief. Only adults can think of such nonsense! So that the poor do not have to pace through the world ignorant, the little ones take over the education lesson and hastily draw explanatory pictures for mum and dad with genitals and intercourse, pregnancy and birth. A highlight: the doodles for the nude. Sex, that seems like a lot of fun! Not the worst finding, especially for parents who are reading along and who get a stomach ache just thinking that at some point they will have the big enlightenment talk with their children.

Babette Cole: Mommy laid an egg. German by Rolf Inhauser; Sauerlander 1993; 40 p., € 15.90; from 5 years

So many questions

"Is sex funny?" - "Can a child fart in the stomach?" - "Can children be gay?" The brings together these and 98 other "real" children's questions Clear up me- Block. Primary school students were allowed to write anonymously on pieces of paper what they had always wanted to know about body parts, sexual intercourse and feelings. The sex educator Katharina von der Gathen answers everything - briefly and calmly. The illustrations by Anke Kuhl that accompany every question are unique. A recommendation for use: As anonymously as the questions were submitted, your child should be able to leaf through this block undisturbed. It is best to place it somewhere inconspicuous and without comment (!) And ... wait.

Katharina von der Gathen / Anke Kuhl (Ill.): Enlighten me. Klett children's book 2014; 208 pp., 15, - €; from 8 years

Help puberty!

Real questions again, this time from young people. Here, unlike the elementary school students, there is no further investigation out of curiosity and with astonished eyes - the questions in Does everyone actually get that? you can feel the urgency: help, puberty! Explain to me what is wrong with my body. And tell me that I'm okay Is it bad to shave when you are eleven? Do tampons hurt? How often can I satisfy myself? What if the girlfriend gets pregnant? Topics that concern boys and girls when the hormones go crazy are sometimes briefly and sometimes extensively dealt with. The photographer Jan von Holleben asked students in front of the camera and played in pictures with carrots, bananas and melons.

Jan von Holleben / Antje Helms: Does everyone actually get that? Gabriel 2013; 160 pp., € 16.99; from 11 years

Specifically gay

Gay, lesbian, trans and bisexual - everything is commonplace today. We say. But is that also true? Not at all, finds James Dawson - and has written a kind of guide for everyone who sees no place for themselves in the classic love model of man and woman. Dawson used to be a teacher and knows what makes young people tick. He gives advice on coming out, explains where to meet like-minded people (and where better not!), And tells about same-sex sex - in very specific terms. In between, he lets lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual young people speak for themselves and talk about their lives, feelings and experiences. A book for everyone who is still searching and not sure who to love and how - and for everyone else too.

James Dawson: How to Be Gay. German by Volker Oldenburg; Fischer TB 2014; 304 pp., € 9.99; 14 years and older