Stephen Gately how he died Michael

Boyzone: Gately died of natural causes

Boyzones Stephen Gately died of natural causes, British media reports, citing Spanish officials. The cause of death was pulmonary edema.

Palma de Mallorca (ebi) - Stephen Gately died of acute pulmonary edema. A judge announced the preliminary results of the autopsy at a brief hearing in Palma de Mallorca. Gately's body is now being transferred to Ireland.

Further research would follow to confirm the preliminary result. "Unfortunately, things like that happen, but we're glad that no other circumstances played a role"The BBC quoted Gately's family lawyer as saying.

"There were wilder parties"

Numerous tabloids reported yesterday that the 33-year-old's death from suffocation was preceded by a long, wild night of partying with alcohol and drugs before he fell asleep on the sofa of his holiday home last Saturday morning.

Gately's partner Andy Cowles, who found the body with a third man named Georgi Dochev, had disagreed. They have already had far wilder parties.

"We didn't say he didn't drink alcohol, but we couldn't accept eight hours", emphasized the lawyer. It is not yet known when Gately will be buried.