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Christin Marquitan


Germany`s next top model, Chiroco VW, Coca Cola, Amicelli, Garnier Bodyurea, Diadermine, Airwick Freshmatic, Thomapyrin, Audi, Kodak, Sony, You may, Amica, Barilla, Monster.de, Raffaello, Iduna, Fenistil, Möbel Hübner, Lichtenauer, Spreewald-Therme, MVV, Berliner Morgenpost, AX


Salma Hayek (as Sgt. Meredith Kolko) in "Chain of Fools - Criminals and Other Chaoten" (2000), (as Carolina) in "Irgendwann in Mexico" (2003), (as Cesca Giggles) in "Spy Kids - Mission 3D" (2003), (as Lola Cirillo) in "After the Sunset" (2004), (as Martha Beck) in "Lonely Hearts Killers" (2006), (as Sara Sandoval) in "Bandidas" (2006), (as Madame Truska) in "Cirque du Freak - Midnight Circus" (2009), (as Roxanne Chase-Feder) in "Grown-Ups" (2010), (as Bella Flores) in "The Heavyweight" (2012), (as Elena) in "Savages "(2012), (as Roxanne Chase-Feder) in" Grownups 2 "(2013)


Toni Collette (as Rose Feller) in "In the Shoes of My Sister" (2005), (as Sheryl Hoover) in "Little Miss Sunshine" (2006), (as Nina Mars) in "Traces of a Life" (2007), (as Melina Hines) in "Blunt - Nothing is Private" (2007), (as Peggy Robertson) in "Hitchcock" (2012)

Famke Janssen (Bonnie) in "Celebrity" (1998), (as Dr. Jean Gray) in "X-Men" (2000), (as Kate Welles) in "Love & Sex", (as Dr. Jean Gray) in "X-Men 2" (2003), (as Judy Arnolds) in "Eulogy - Last Words" (2004), (as Katherine) in "Hide and Seek" (2005), (as Dr. Jean Gray / Phoenix) in "X-Men - Last Resistance" (2006), (as Lenore) in "96 Hours" (2008), (as Gretchen) in "The Ten" (2009), (as Gretchen Reigert) in "Das 10 Gebote Movie" (2007), (as Lenore) in "96 Hours" (2008), (as Mrs. Squires) in "The Wackness" (2008)

Amanda Tapping
(as Prof. Eva Soderstrom) in "The Void - Experiment out of control" (2001), (as Carrie Maddox) in "Leben oder something like that" (2002), (as Col. Samantha Sam Carter) in "Stargate: Continuum" (2008), (as Lt. Col. Samantha Sam Carter) in "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" (2008), (as Captain Samantha Carter) in "Stargate SG-1: The Gateway to the Universe - Final Cut "(2009)

as Motoko in "Ghost in the Shell" (1995),
as Eiko Shimao in "Millennium Actress" (2001), Motoko in "Ghost in the Shell 2 - Innocence" (2004),

Laurie Holden (Adele Stanton) in "The Majestic" (2001), Laurie Holden (Cybil Bennett) in "Silent Hill" (2006), Laurie Holden (Amanda Dunfrey) in "Fog" (2007), Laurie Holden in "Reicher Hund mit Herz" (2005),

Sandra Oh (Judy Tokuda) in "Hard Candy" (2005), Sandra Oh (Anna) in "The Night Listener" (2006), Sandra Oh (Minister of Health) in "City of the Blind" (2008), Sandra Oh in "Lies have short legs" (2002), Sandra Oh in "Sorry, Haters" (2006), Sandra Oh in "For your Consideration" (2007), Sandra Oh in "In a Land Before Time" (2007), ( as Minister of Health) in "The City of the Blind" (2008), (as Gaby) in "Rabbit Hole" (2010), (as Mrs. Meacham) in "Sister Hearts - Ramonas Wilde Welt" (2010), (as Sarah Chen) in "The Tears of the Murderer" (2010)

Julia Ormond (Caroline) in "The Strange Case of Benjamin Button" (2008), Julia Ormond (Elizabeth Anderson) in "Under Control" (2008), Julia Ormond (Margaret Kittredge) in "Kit Kittredge" (2008), (as Eustacia) in "Du go not alone" (2010), (as Dianne Daley) in "The Music Never Stopped" (2011), (as Vivien Leigh) in "My Week with Marilyn" (2011)

Gina Bellman
in "Bible - David" (2003), Gina Bellman in "Paranoid - 48 hours in his power",

Maria Bello (Donna McLoughlin) in "World Trade Center" (2006), (Jocelyn) in "Jane Austen Club" (2007), in Yellow Handkerchief (2009),

Monica Bellucci (Daniela) in "How much do you love me?" (2005), Monica Bellucci (Mirror Queen) in "Brothers Grimm" (2005), Monica Bellucci (Rosamaria) in "Don`t look back" (2010), (as Veronica) in "Duell der Magier" (2010)

Elizabeth Berrington (Letitia Brown) in "A Magical Nanny" (2005), Elizabeth Berrington (Natalie) in "See Bruges ... and die?" (2008),

Juliette Binoche in "In my country" (2008), Juliette Binoche in "Mary - This is my Blood" (2007)

Veanne Cok in "Erin Brockovich - A True Story",

Laurence DAmelio in "Odette Toulemonde" (2007)

Carmen Electra
(as Sarina Murtaugh) in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - Two fathers go crazy" (2005), (as Anne) in "Date Movie",

Vera Farmiga (as Jocelyn Thomas) in "Manchurian Candidate" (2004), (as Madolyn) in "Departed - Unter Feinden" (2006), n "Snow White" (2002), Vera Farmiga in "Alice Paul - Weg ins Licht" ( 2004), Vera Farmiga in "For a Friend's Life" (1998)

Claire Forlani in "Nora Roberts - Lilies in the Summer Wind" (2007)

Joanne Whalley
(Maggie) in "Played", Joanne Whalley (Patricia Nash) in "The flood - when the sea devours the cities",

Helene Alexandridis in "You don't have to love me" (1997)

Pamela Anderson (Invisible Girl) in "Superhero Movie" (2008),

Reiko Aylesworth (Lawyer) in "Mr. Brooks - The Murderer Within You",

Jeanne Balibar in "Va Savoir" (2001)

Maria Bamford in "Crazy Animal Farm",

Kate Beahan (Sister Willow) in "Wicker Man - Ritual of Evil",

Elizabeth Bracco
(Marie Vitti) in "Reine Nervensache" (1999),

Amanda Brugel
(Geko (E-X Grunt)) in "Jason X",

Emma Campbell
(Samantha) in "Human Trafficking" (2005),

Isabelle Candelier (Sonia) in "Back to the Past" (2000),

Chipo Chung
(Icarus) in "Sunshine",

Stephanie Courtney (Gayla) in "After Seven Days - Flittered Out",

Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Mother Lecter) in "Hannibal Rising",

Essie Davis (Cath Carney) in "Australia",

Minnie Driver
in "Beautiful" (2001)

Laure Duthilleul
(Hélène) in "Tender Souls",

Stacy Edwards
(Evans mother) in "Superbad",

Claire Forlani (Victoria Tory Bodeen) in "Carolina Moon - Lilies in the Summer Wind",

Tamara Gorski (Yadira) in "An unequal couple - one hard, the other tender" (2003),

Maggie Gyllenhaal (Valerie) in "Criminal" (2004),

Marcia Gay Harden (Liz Whitewood) in "Bears Are Going!" (2005),

Valeria Golino in "Julius Caesar" (2002)

Marcia Gay Harden
in "Love is Work" (1998), Marcia Gay Harden in "Bears Are Going!" (2005)

Anne Heche (Capt. Mary Jane OMalley) in "Death of an Officer" (2000),

Marg Helgenberger (Ann Foreman) in "Reine Chefsache" (2004),

Marianna Hill (Deanna Corleone) in "Godfather 2" (1974),

Biddy Hodson (Ilsa) in "Hellboy" (2004),

Jane Horrocks
(Mrs.Plum / Spider) in "Corpse Bride", Jane Horrocks in "Little Voice" (1998)

Darlene Hunt
(Darlene) in "I Heart Huckabees" (2004),

Kelly Hunter (Lushin's mother) in "Lushin's Defense",

Brenda James (Brenda Gutierrez) in "Slither",

Tamala Jones
(Jackie) in "On the Line",

Virginia Madsen
(Agatha Sparrow / Fabrizia) in "Number 23",

Jodie Markell (Mary McDill) in "24 Hours of Fear" (2002),

Maria Menounos (Marie Menounos) in "Tropic Thunder",

Donna Murphy
(Judy Braddock) in "Nanny Diaries",

Lymari Nadal (Eva) in "American Gangster",

Barbara Niven (Morgan Maddox) in "Carol and the Christmas Ghosts" (2003),

Connie Nielsen in "One Hour Photo" (2002)

Rebecca Northan
(Ellie Applebaum) in "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Shop",

Sarah OKelly
(Neighbor Mom) in "Marley & Me",

Sarah Paulson (Vikki Hiller) in "Down with Love - To the devil with d. Love!" (2003),

Posey Parker in "Superman Returns",

Amanda Peet (Asac Whitney) in "The X Files - Beyond the Truth",

Candela Pena in "Princessas", Candela Pena in "Open my eyes"

Valerie Perrine (Eve Teschmacher) in "Superman - Directors Cut" (1978),

Parker Posey (Kitty Kowalski) in "Superman Returns",

Deirdre Quinn
(Miss Texas) in "Miss Undercover",

Kim Richards (Sandy) in "Black Snake Moan",

Joely Richardson (Jo Wilder) in "Mimzy my friend from the future", Joely Richardson in "Fatal Contact: Avian Influenza in America", Joely Richardson in "Shoreditch",

Michelle Rodriguez (Katarin) in "Bloodrayne",

Lina Roessler (Coordinator) in "Im Not There",

Rebecca RomijnStamos (Lola) in "Alibi - Your dirty little secret is safe with us", Rebecca Romijn Stamos in "Godsend" (2004)

Doraly roses in Irina Palm (2000)

Celine Samie (Eva) in "Monsieur Ibrahim and the flowers of the Koran" (2003),

Pagan Saida in "Bruce Almighty" (2003)

Judith Scott (Marilyn Jones) in "Guess Who - You Won't Have My Daughter!",

Kristin Scott Thomas
in "Bittermoon" (1998),

Klea Scott (Officer Scott) in "Minority Report" (2002),

Amy Sedaris (Gladys Kravitz) in "In love with a witch",

Emmanuelle Seigner (Celine Desmoulins) in "Butterfly and Diving Bell", Emmanuelle Seigner in "Backstage",

Molly Shannon (Aunt Victoire) in "Marie Antoinette",

Heather Simms
(Mona) in "Broken Flowers",

Mary stone (Miss Rue Who) in "Grinch" (2000),

Sarah Strange (Jane) in "White Noise",

Cree Summer (Black Arachnia) in "Transformers: Animated - Transform and Depart",

Jayshree T. (Mrs. Manubhai) in "Where Fate Leads Us" (2003),

taboo in "The Namesake",

Amanda Tapping in "The Void - Experiment out of control" (2003), in "Leben oder something like that" (2002), in "Stargate Command SG1 - Behind the Scenes" (2007 & 2009)

Charlize Theron (Sally) in "Hollywood Undercover" (1997),

Goya Toledo in "Somniac - Toedliche Träume", Goya Toledo in "Killing Words",

Paige Turco
(Karen Kelly) in "Daddy Without a Plan",

Daniella Van Graas
(Josie) in "Seduction of a Stranger",

Maribel Verdu in "Goya" (2000)

Karin Viard (Marianne Fauvel) in "Children of Fear" (2001),

Emily Watson in "The Live and Death of Peter Sellers",

Kristen Wiig
(Surgeon) in "Who d. Ghosts love",

Kristen Wilson (Carol Lamb) in "The Ritual - Seeds of Evil",

Marcia Wright
(Rhonda) in "Roll Bounce",

Robin Wright Penn in "Legende von Beowulf", (also vocals)

Bellamy Young (Rachael) in "Mission: Impossible 3",

Zoe Felix in "Willkommen bei den Sch`tis" (2009),

Zabou Breitman in "C`est la Vie" (2009),

Marie Bunuel in "Kommisar Belami" (2009), in "Arsene Lupine", in "Two women",

Isabelle Adjani in "Today I Wear Rock" (2009),

Series Christin Marquitan:

as Merle in "The Vision of Escaflowne" (1996),
as Major Motoko Kusanagi in "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex" (2002-2005),
as Karai in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (2003),

Julie Bowen (Roxanne Please) in "Emergency Room" (1994-), Julie Bowen (Carol Vessey) in "Ed - Bowling Lawyer" (2000-2004), Julie Bowen (Sarah) in "Lost" (2004-), Julie Bowen in "Monk" (2009)

Laurie Holden in "The X-Files - FBI Scary Cases" (1996-)

Amanda Tapping (Cpt./ Maj. / Lt. Col. Samantha Carter) in "Stargate Command SG-1" (1997-2007), (Lt. Colonel / Colonel Samantha Carter) in "Stargate: Atlantis" (2004-), (Dr Helen Magnus) in "Sanctuary" (2009),

Cordelia Bugeja (Receptionist) in "Hustle" (2004) in Ep. "Great Whittaker",

Beverly DAngelo (Lurleen Lumpkin) in "Simpsons" (1989-) in Ep. "Homer on astray",

Bertila Damas (Marika Willkarah) in "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager" (1995-2001) in Ep. "Survival Instinct",

Geena Davis (President Mackenzie Allen) in "Welcome, Mrs. President",

Julia Davis (Jill Tyrell) in "Nighty Night" (2004-),

Rachel Dratch (Greta Johanssen) in "30 Rock",

Andrea Elson (Lynn Tanner) in "ALF" (1986-90),

Deborah Findlay (Greer Thornton) in "Murder On Page One",

Jennifer Hale (Avatar Kyoshi) in "Avatar - Lord of the Elements",

Valerie Harper (Rhoda Morgenstern) in "Mary Tyler Moore" (1970-77),

Melissa Joan Hart (Hilda Spellman) in "Simsalabim Sabrina" (1999-2001),

Salma Hayek (Sofia Reyes) Salma Hayek in "Alles Betty",

Marin Hinkle (Judith Harper) in "My Cool Uncle Charlie",

Allison Hossack (Mrs. Oliver) in "Reaper",

Lisa Jacobs (Jochebed) in "Ten Commandments",

Rikki Klieman (Rikki Klieman) in "Boston Legal" (2004-) in Ep. "Schlammschlacht (03.05)",

Sheryl Lee (Ellie Harp) in "One Tree Hill",

Marlee Matlin in "Practice Lawyers",

Debra Messing (Molly Kagan) in "The Starter Wife",

Sandra Oh (Dr. Cristina Yang) in "Grey's Anatomy - Young Doctors",

Tamzin Outhwaite (Rebecca Mitchell) in "Hotel Babylon",

Meredith Patterson
(Missy Tiggs (nee Frank)) in "Boston Legal",

Dedee Pfeiffer
(Grace Thomason) in "CSI: NY" (2004-) in Ep. "3x06: Murder in the Hotel", Dedee Pfeiffer in "CSI - The perpetrators on the trail",

Sally Phillips in "Smack the Pony" (2001-2002)

Gloria Reuben (Brooke Haslett) in "Missing",

Joely Richardson (Julia McNamara) in "Nip / Tuck - Beauty has its price",

Mary Beth Rubens
(Fran) in "Outer Limits - Unknown Dimension" (1995-2002) in Ep. "3",

Nancy to Sakovich
in "Queer as Folk",

Kate Sheldon
(Nadira) in "Power Rangers Time Force" (2001),

Laura Silverman
(Laura Jane Silverman III) in "The Sarah Silverman Program",

Cree Summer
(Black Arachnia) in "Transformers: Animated",

Susanna Thompson
(Karen Collector) in "Again with Feeling" (1999 - 2002), Susanna Thompson in "Chicago Hope" (1999)

Sonya Walger
(Special Agent Patrice Serxner) in "Sleeper Cell",

Patricia Wettig
(Dr. Judy Barnett) in "Alias ​​Agent" (2001-06),

Diana Yanez
(Head Nurse) in "Criminal Minds" in Ep. "Long Shots",

Kathleen York
(Renee Wheeler) in "O.C., California" (2003-07),

Bellamy Young
(Dr. Grace Miller) in "Scrubs - Beginners" (2001-), Bellamy Young in CSI-Miami (2006-), Bellamy Young in "The District"

Boulevard / Comedy / Chanson : Bar every reason (Berlin), Grüner Salon Volksbühne Rosa-Luxenburg-Platz Berlin, Theater am Kudamm (Berlin), Theater am Dom (Cologne), Komödie am Max II (Munich), stage and TV shows and tours with Karl Dall, 4 own chanson programs (e.g. Herzsplitternackt, It's raining rose petals, Christin Marquitan sings)

Film / TV:

Crime scene, Derrick, Wolffs Revier, The Old One, The Fortune Teller (ZDF), King of the Carnations, All my babies, Say Ah

Station Voice:

94.3 RS2


Angela Merkel

Telephone announcements:





Burgtheater Vienna, State Theater Stuttgart, State Theater Saarbrücken,
Renaissance Theater Berlin, Landetheater Linz


University of Music & Performing Arts Hamburg, stage / musical studio Hedi Höpfner, Hamburg.
State University of Music, Munich (Brigitte Fassbaender singing class in opera, concert and lieder singing)
State Stage entrance qualification for the Hamburg State Opera