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Convert volume units

How many liters is there in a cubic meter? What is the volume of a gallon? And how much thirst should you bring with you when you order a pint in an English pub? This online calculator can be used to convert (convert) more than 20 different volume units into one another.

Simply enter the volume to be converted including the unit of measurement, for example 1 pint. You can choose to convert to all available volume units, or a specific unit can be selected for conversion.

In addition to the well-known volume measurements of liters including deciliters, centiliters and milliliters and the metric units from cubic kilometers (km³) to cubic picometers (pm³), you can also choose from the volume units of barrels (petroleum), gallons, quarters, pints and cubic yards, which are common in English-speaking countries. feet and inches and fluid ounces.

The corresponding abbreviations are given after the volume units. Depending on the volume unit, a distinction can be made between British (GB) and US (USA) volumes.

Please also note our explanations on the accuracy of results and the representation of numbers.