Mission M72 was hi-fi

Mission M72 Speaker

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  • Designed for delivering brilliant theater sound at home, this mission speaker is efficient and dependable. If you'd like to have ease of installation, high signal-to-noise, and reliability, the Mission M72 is a great device. Talk show followers, video gamers, and drama lovers are amazed by the volume and power of this loudspeaker. This mission speaker is a good choice for your listening enjoyment while you relax. This mission speaker features an expanded frequency response, therefore you can discern deep bass tones and brilliant treble tones. Featuring a practical design, this loudspeaker is simple to place and connect, which means you are able to install your new system quickly for loud, clear enjoyment right away. Plus, the Mission M72 has an excellent set of drivers enabling you to bring your multimedia enjoyment alive with clear sound.

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