The storm when the skull rises

Does anyone know a strange feeling in the head ???

So you don't say to everyone that you have psychological problems ,,,,, causes + diagnosis there are many, epilepsy, or a tumor (although that is very rare) so I can only say of myself that I have a generalized anxiety disorder Depression + that for many years ... no one has really been able to help me + that's why I also take benzos, which depress the fear but intensify the depression. I asked if there is someone who also has it, but I think I'm also wrong here because most of them don't even know what things are causing them. So I give you the advice ... go to a psychodoc or internist + don't give up. If it's a good one then you will quickly know where from your symptoms are coming. So I wish you all that it will be again + there should be someone who also suffers from freely flourishing fears (please no phobia, such as driving buses or crowds) who thinks that he is going crazy, falls dead, at the end of his life, he should PLEASE contact m e report. I thank you + stay MFG .....

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