Where to see Bass Lake fireworks

The bass makes the rhythm - we've known that for a long time. We also know that the bass is damn good and can even put us in a kind of intoxicated state. Here I am trying to find out what the bass really does in us.

I stand in front of a wall with loudspeakers Wall of Sound or simply a sound system. The needle hits the plate. A deep bass sets in. My body begins to shake, my hair stands up, a feeling of bliss comes over me. The bass gives the rhythm, the melodica the melody. I start dancing and a big grin surrounds my face.

One or the other of you will have probably already had this experience (at least I hope). According to a study by Canadian scientists at PNAS, people are more sensitive to low frequencies. These can be better perceived. The body rather initiates motor processes, which also creates a finer sense of rhythm, which is why bass disciples dance so beautifully to the music.

So the bass has a huge potential for action on our auditory system. It can be assumed that this effect releases neurotransmitters (messenger substances) such as serotonin or dopamine in our brain. These are popularly known as happiness hormones. The neurotransmitter dopamine, for example, increases our motivation and motivation. So the bass makes us active, happy and / or relaxed. Unfortunately, I have not yet found studies that prove the positive effect of the bass on people, but you can teach me better. I would love to hear your feelings and experiences with deep bass. You can tell me about them in the comment area. In this sense: FORWARD THE BASS!

I like it:

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