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The big bread and baked goods calorie table: cakes and sweets

A nice cake is often part of the afternoon coffee. But watch out: if you eat a piece of Sachertorte (488 kcal) or a bee sting (360 kcal), the small coffee party will quickly turn into a whole meal, because the baked goods have a high calorific value. Yeast cakes with fruit are lower in calories: a piece of plum cake contains only 207 kilocalories.

But not only cakes and pies are small calorie bombs, almond croissants (326 kcal), the Hamburg specialty Franzbrötchen (487 kcal) and streuseltaler (1210 kcal) have it all. Likewise, supposedly small baked goods such as a chocolate cookie (241 kcal), a muffin (275 kcal) or a donut with chocolate icing (306 kcal) contain large amounts of calories.

The big calorie table bread and baked goods: snacks

Don't you know that too: You are on the move and suddenly cravings overwhelms you? So quickly to the next bakery. The sandwiches are healthy, after all, they hardly contain any sugar or chocolate. Almost - because even if they aren't sweet snacks, sandwiches, bagels and wraps are bursting with calories. For example: a pretzel with cheese 460 kcal, a panini with tomatoes and mozzarella 443 kilocalories and a bagel with cream cheese 355 kilocalories.

Better and lighter alternatives are half a roll with egg (192 kcal) or a spinach strudel (270 kcal). Or do you prefer to take snacks from home with you. This way you can be sure that you are not falling into a calorie trap. A granola bar, for example, contains only 94 kcal and a fruit yoghurt 148 kcal.

At a glance: the large bread and baked goods calorie table

How many calories are there in a baguette or a ready-to-bake roll? Or a piece of the Danube Wave? Click here to go to the large bread and baked goods calorie table (PDF). (boron)