How to cold shock mushrooms

Cucumber wilt

What is the cucumber wilt?

In addition to pests and plant diseases, the so-called cucumber wilt causes more problems for cucumbers. The name says it all - the leaves and shoots become limp and the plants often die after a while. Triggers are either care errors or fungus. If you water with very cold water, you can trigger the cucumber wilt, because cucumbers absorb very little or almost no water at low soil temperatures. Therefore, they hate cold irrigation water, which really cools the soil around the plant. This shocks the sensitive cucumber roots so much that their water absorption capacity is reduced. If the plants are still very thirsty on hot days, they will wilt within a short time, from which the cucumbers usually no longer recover.

Much more often, however, fungi are responsible for cucumber wilt, especially representatives of the genera Fusarium, Verticillium and Pythium. The Fusarium wilt - with its full name Fusarium oxysporum forma specialis cucumerinum - is the most common. The fungi lurk in the ground, penetrate the plant and block the ducts there. This blocks the water transport from the roots to the stems and the whole cucumber plant gradually wilts until it finally dies. Plants weakened by the harmful fungi can also be attacked by other fungi such as stem rot or pests.

How can you recognize the cucumber wilt?

Of course, it always starts with flabby leaves with cucumber wilt, whether it is caused by care errors or harmful fungi. The leaves turn yellow and dry up. At night or in cloudy weather, the plants initially recover because the water consumption then almost comes to a standstill and it is not noticeable that hardly any water is coming through the ducts.

The problem with cucumber wilt is that care errors and harmful fungi cause identical symptoms for the layperson. The fungi only cause damage when the conduction pathways are blocked. Noticeable discoloration of the leaves, such as that of leaf mushrooms, is not visible, which is why the mushrooms can often spread unnoticed at first. The gardener knows, of course, whether he watered with cold water or not. If he can rule it out, one should simply cut through a withered shoot at the base. Wilt fungi can be recognized by the brown discoloration of the ducts. Discard such plants.

Pay close attention to your cucumber plants: If the fusarium wilt is infested, the leaves of the entire plant or at least a large part of it will wilt starting from the tip of the shoot downwards and the plants lose more and more leaves. There are also small brown spots on the shoots that will later rot. Sometimes you can recognize the fungus by the pink down right at the base of the stem. In Pythium, only individual shoots wither at first, the leaves hang limply and you can see some sunken spots on the root neck.

Are all cucumbers affected by wilt?

Of course, no cucumber is safe from care errors, but the varieties grafted on pumpkins are resistant to fungal spores - especially from Fusarium. Refined varieties should not be pounded with soil around the stem, otherwise the less robust cucumber variety will form roots and be exposed to the harmful fungus.

How can you fight cucumber wilt?

If you can rule out a care error, you should remove plants infected by the cucumber wilt from the stand and dispose of them in the household waste. The fungi can survive with permanent spores on the compost and also attack other plants. Since the mushrooms are also in the soil with these permanent spores, you should exchange the soil generously and, if possible, not always grow the cucumbers in the same place. To avoid contact with the soil, you can plant cucumbers in the first place in boxes with potting soil from the garden center.

Prevent cucumber wilt

Warmth, light and loose soil without waterlogging: As a preventive measure, always ensure that your cucumbers are ideally located. Because healthy plants are not attacked so quickly by the harmful organisms. Anyone who pours with cold well or tap water should first store the water in tanks or rain barrels so that it can warm up. In the case of mineral fertilizers, it is essential that you adhere to the dosage quantities and fertilize organically as possible. Because too high a salt content can also cause wilt and make the plant tissue softer - fungi and thus also the cucumber wilt have it easier.