How to drive the undead away from Driladan

How can you drive away pigeons?

All pigeon control systems work best when installed in advance and regularly maintained. Once the birds have settled in, it is very difficult to subsequently drive the pigeons away. If the animals start building their nests, the dismay becomes even more cumbersome - providing adequate defense at the first sign of a pigeon infestation is therefore still the best way to drive away pigeons.

If you want to drive away a single pigeon or defend yourself against a slight infestation, you can drive it away manually. The advantage of this method is the high effectiveness and the intense moment of shock. The best way to drive away pigeons is to make the chosen environment as uncomfortable as possible for them - regular use of loud noises or a water pistol is very effective in this case. Disadvantages of the manual method are the high level of attention and physical effort required for effective implementation. Always on call and regularly running to the balcony or garden to drive away a few pigeons can also be very unnerving for the user. In the long term, it is always more successful to work with a pest controller who can take the necessary deterrent measures at a fair price. If you are looking for a specialist in your area, you will quickly find what you are looking for and can also compare current customer opinions here.

What is it that sells pigeons reliably?

A long-term reliable method of driving away pigeons must be unusual for the birds, difficult to recognize as harmless and be present for a long time. The problem with this is that it is plain and simple not a foolproof method to drive away pigeons. The birds get used to innovations very quickly and are extremely fearless, especially in the inner city area. If you want to drive away individual pigeons or if you want to react quickly to an incipient infestation, you should not lose any time in driving away.

Immediate action to drive away individual pigeons

Where only one pigeon feels comfortable, dozens can very soon find a home - individual pigeons that occasionally visit should be driven away by a combination of volume and movement. By beating two wooden boards together, the animals are quickly put to flight. The pigeons also react quickly to water from powerful water pistols or from the garden hose and seek the distance. For larger areas or very inaccessible areas, there is a handheld pigeon laser available in specialist shops, which drives the pigeons away with a beam of light that they perceive as very intense and threatening.

Improvised installations to deter pigeons

However, if the pigeons return soon and become regular visitors, the first thing to do is to install improvised deterrent measures so that the pigeons don't even think about landing. Home remedies that provide quick and short-term relief against pigeons mainly use the deterrence: You create a supposedly threatening and frightening situation for pigeons and thereby ensure that the pigeons do not dare to approach. Sitting down is not made impossible for the pigeons. Once they overcome their innate reflex to flee, the apparent threats lose their deterrent force. In order to prolong the effect, the position of all of these deterrent measures must therefore be changed regularly. The first measures presented here are visually not very appealing and should, after successful expulsion, be replaced by more inconspicuous defense measures, which also represent a reliable measure against the pigeons in the long term.

An apparently threatening situation for the pigeons is created in particular by reflecting and moving objects, for example:

  • Aluminum strips swinging freely in the wind or CDs hung on threads.
  • Wind turbines or barrier tape hung in large quantities (less effective due to lack of reflections).
  • A free-swinging plastic raven, the so-called pigeon fright.
  • Pets can also reliably drive away pigeons in certain situations: a dog or, above all, a cat can contain pigeons in the garden or on the balcony quickly and over the long term. Of course, this option is only possible where a pet can be kept.

Important: If you get a dove fright, you should make sure that the figure is weatherproof and cheap, such as B. the Brema garden figurine "Raven" *. In addition, the raven has to be hung on a nylon cord and moved regularly so that it doesn't get used to it. Together with the rather improvised deterrence measures, the pigeon fright can already be sufficient to drive the pigeons away permanently, especially if the infestation is only very sporadic. As a rule, however, you should plan after the first success, solid defense systems to be installed in order to remain pigeon-free in the future - because the birds can only come back too quickly, in the worst case in greater numbers than before.

You should definitely seek the help of one professional pest controller This is the only way to guarantee that the pigeons will be driven out in the long term. Here, the pest controller has a large number of different pigeon defense systems at his disposal, which can be used to match the local conditions and, if necessary, also combined with one another.

Important: The use of physical force or poison against pigeons is prohibited according to the Animal Welfare Act, unless the user has a special permit. Hiring a pest controller is more expensive than using home remedies, but the long-term success of deterring pigeons is far more likely in this case. The person skilled in the art can also handle complex systems B. Attach electrical systems quickly and safely.