How to change font in Lenovo S650

How to change the font on your Lenovo B

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How to change the font on Lenovo B

Do you find the standard font too boring and would you like to give your smartphone more personality with a font that you define yourself? We'll show you how to easily do the Change the font on your Lenovo B. can.

Please keep in mind that some of the names of the individual steps may differ from those on your mobile phone, depending on the model and brand of your Android phone.

Change the font via the settings

There are many ways to change the font on your Lenovo B. One is a change via the settings:

  • 1st possibility:
    • Go to the settings on your phone.
    • Then click under “Device” on “Font”.
    • You will now see the options for changing the font style and size.
    • Click on "Font Style" to change the font.
    • Available fonts are displayed. Tap on one to select it. Then confirm with "Yes".
  • 2nd possibility:
    • Open the settings via the menu item.
    • Then press “Personalize”. You again have the option to choose between “Font style” and “Font size”.
    • Several font styles are displayed. Select one of them by clicking on it.
  • 3rd possibility:
    • Go to the menu.
    • Click on the "Design" app.
    • It is now possible to select a font or other options.
  • 4th possibility:
    • Click on "Settings" and then on "Display".
    • Here, too, you can choose between "Font" and "Font size".
    • Tap on one of the options to select it.

Download font

It is also possible to download a font. However, the styles shown are more likely to be paid for.

  • In order to be able to do this, follow the individual steps as described above, i.e. in the way that you would normally change the font via your settings.
  • In order to download a font style, you have to click either on the "+" or on "Download" when you can choose between some fonts.
  • You will now be shown some applications for download. You can choose between different categories in the task bar.
  • Find one and follow the instructions.

Change the font using an app

If you do not like the font styles offered on your phone, you can also download an app to use it to change the font on your Lenovo B.

Depending on the manufacturer and model of your smartphone, this may not work on every Android phone. With some brands, this is not readily possible and you will need to root your smartphone first. How this works exactly and the advantages and disadvantages of such an implementation can be found in the section "How to root your Lenovo B".

In the following, we will introduce you to a few applications that you can use to customize the font style.

  • HiFont:
    • Install the HiFont app, which you can find here in the Google Play Store.
    • Under the menu you can even set the language by clicking on the "Language Selection" option.
    • Now when you open the app you will find several options in the system tray.
    • Simply click on a font to select it, then click on "Download" and "Use".
    • Then restart your smartphone.

    Special feature of this app: One of the characteristics of “HiFont” is that it offers hundreds of font styles with which you can personalize your mobile phone. This application also offers you the option of adjusting the font size. This app is a free application.

  • Go Launcher EX:
    • Download the Go Launcher Ex app.
    • Go to the advanced settings and move fonts to the system folder.

    Important information: if you want to change the font not just for the launcher but system-wide, you need full root access. In addition to changing the font, this free application also offers you other functions, for example if you want to change the background.

  • iFont:
    • You can download the free iFont application from the Google Play Store here.
    • Once you open the app, you can choose a font and download it.
    • On some models, the application may ask you to install the font size in the same way as an app. If you have not yet admitted any unknown sources, now is the time to do so. When you've done this step, go back to Settings to see the new font style.

    Particularities: the app serves to offer you hundreds of font styles for your Lenovo B. You can also change the font size.

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