How to create an extension list in HTML

How to create a gradient background for an HTML page

This is not in html, but can be in css (especially css3).

You'd need a class to have the body of your page or a div within it that surrounds all of your content. You can use a css gradient generator to run the code in your css class.

Here is a simple example on a div:

Here's what you can do if you want it on your body. Note: you need the link to the css file to save the styles.



This code can be generated by using a css gradient generator like the one linked above.


As Rory mentioned, CSS3 is not fully supported by all modern browsers. There are, however, some tools like PIE CSS to help me accept some CSS3 functionality.

can you show me an example of how i add class to my body in order for html to recognize css3 in other words the code
You don't even have to take a class ... just put it inside the body in your css
That's right, you could just put it on a div inside the body. Either way will work.
Ok, what will my PathtoCss.Css contain?
The PathToCss.css is the css file that contains the css class that you are creating. An example of the class is in the jsfiddle I created.

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