Doctor Farting Fanfiction

This fart guide is required reading for all couples sharing a bed

During the first phase of a relationship, we try to be as perfect as possible, even if that means suppressing one's natural needs. Like letting off a fart. But sooner or later, even the cutest couples will have to admit that there is nothing they can do about their biology and will share their first fart together. Weng Chen, the artist behindThe Adventures of Messy Cow, also thinks that it is perfectly normal. To convey this attitude she has created a humorous fart guide for everyone who shares his bed with another person and it could be more helpful than you think at first.

“I eat all kinds of things, so I know the problem very well,” says ChenBored panda.“I was curious about how others were dealing with the situation and bringing the topic up in a normal conversation is not that easy. So I decided to draw a comic about it and <...> was pleasantly surprised at how many people openly got into the discussion. "

"Some couples have no problem farting in a week, others don't even after 50 years," she added. “I think one should look at how it affects the relationship. You don't want it to bother your partner and the most important thing is that you still like each other even after a long time. I recommend using my comics as a guide and trying it out step by step. If at any point your partner is disgusted, don't go any further. "

Weng is Chinese, speaks fluent English and even speaks sign language. She started painting manga at a very young age and has been painting comics since then. She started her Messy Cow series at the end of 2016.

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