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Prince Louis New recordings - and finally we can see him walking!

On Monday (May 20th) the "Chelsea Flower Show" will be officially opened by Queen Elizabeth (93). This year, Duchess Kate (37) is contributing a specially designed garden. Before that, she visited the plant adventure land together with her husband William (36) and their three children. While Prince George (5) and Princess Charlotte (4) were romping around, Prince Louis (1) didn't want to be inferior to them in any way - and lo and behold, the one-year-old can already walk! The youngest Cambridge offspring not only ran around, but also tried out the swing on which his siblings and mom were already sitting. The look he threw at his papa went through the bone! In the video above you can see the exciting day of little Louis.

On April 23, the prince turned one and for this reason Kensington Palace published new pictures of the toddler. Once again, the Duchess of Cambridge herself had stood behind the lens. In the video below you can see the cute pictures and you can also see how similar Louis and his big brother George look at the same age.

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Kate's enchanted garden is said to contribute to mental health

At the beginning of the year it became known that Kate will be participating in the "Chelsea Flower Show" in 2019 with a garden she designed herself. A sketch immediately made everyone curious! The 37-year-old is convinced that romping around outdoors is good for young children. Especially for mental development and health, Kate considers playing in nature to be indispensable. That's why she designed a little piece of garden that should inspire and challenge the children. A small waterfall and a tree house are supposed to awaken the kids' spirit of discovery. And as you can see: it has already worked for your offspring! It will be exciting to see how the Queen will react to her granddaughter-in-law's garden.

The Cambridge kids have had a new playmate for two weeks: Master Archie. He is the first child of Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37). In an interview a few hours after the birth, William and Kate explained how happy they are with the offspring. You know firsthand that Harry has wanted a family with children for years. While the duke and ducal couple have already met little Archie, their children are said not to have been there yet. But it will certainly not be long and then one day the Sussex offspring will also romp through the garden.