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How to Create Fake Virus on Android Phones and Tablets?

If you just look at the title of the post, you are sure to think that it has to be the more experienced hack to create a virus on someone's Android phones and tablets. Well, I inform you that no. We agree it takes a few steps, but they are really simple. Do you want to learn them? I promise you so come on

Steps to create a fake virus on an Android phone or tablet

As you can Create a harmless virus for PC of a partner to play a joke, You can also do this with your mobile phone if you wish. If you want to learn how to do it on tablets too, you've come to the right place. Let's go on!

For this purpose we just need to use an application that is very easy to download and use, such as: Virus Maker Prank.This app will be our ally to accomplish what we want to do. With it, you can design an eye-catching screen simulating a dangerous attack caused by a virus on the cellphone screen. This is very simple, but before I go any further I want to leave you one thing that may interest you:

How do I create a harmless pc virus with the editor?

Ok, now let's get to work!

First we will download Virus Maker Prank, but how?

As soon as we have the Android phone or tablet that we are going to operate on, we go to the Android Play Store icon and look for it. We have already completed the first step. The only thing that would stop you is that the owner of the cell phone or tablet blocked it for security reasonsIf not, let's move on with the plan.

Now we're going to download and install the app mentioned above. Once this process is complete, we launch the application by making contact with our finger wherever it says to open that should already appear on the screen.

As soon as we see the screen in front of our eyes Virus Maker Prank we played on "Create the first virus ". You can find it at the bottom of the screen on the Android phone or tablet. Ufff, we're almost done Do you see how easy it was?

Now we will Choose a fake virus Used from the list shown at the top of the mobile phone. The application allows us to slide to either side to choose the one that seems best to us. Already here we are customizing the way our fake virus is supposed to work on the phone or tablet using the menus provided below.

One of the changes you can make is the type of font. Among other things, you can also manage the time the app works.

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Now yeah, we'll be done

In order to achieve our goal, we press where it says: "preview„->Run virus -> start, to put the application into action. There may be permission requests from the Android command management app. Don't worry about anything, accept it and get ready to laugh with your coworkers' reactions.

How do I remove fake virus from your Android phone or tablet?

It is easy!

To be able to deactivate it, you just have to go to the notifications, select the appropriate one, deactivate it and DONE.

As mentioned earlier, creating this "fake" virus is not difficult. Well, with the culprits, when you need to be very aware and more aware of your computers and tablets. That is why we recommend that you read the following article that will tell you how to be protected:

Why use an antivirus?

Well I hope you enjoyed studying how to create fake virus for prank. By the way, to protect your Android phone, I recommend that you only ever download applications from Google play O reliable source.

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