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Orgasm: This is how men reach climax

Every man comes differently. How would you describe your orgasm? Like a rocket launch, like the first sip of coffee after a night of partying, like squeezing out a tube of toothpaste that has been rolled up until it bursts? Or like the greatest pyro show the world has ever seen?

And what if you now find out that this intoxicating feeling can still be increased? Here are answers to the most pressing questions about male orgasm.

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What happens in the body during an orgasm?

Basically, pleasure can be divided into 4 levels: arousal phase, plateau phase, orgasm phase and regression phase. We owe this knowledge to the American researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, known from the TV series "Masters of Sex". The two of them observed a couple making love for the first time in the 1960s - out of a purely scientific interest, of course - and their findings are still valid today.

In the first two phases, the body releases more sex hormones such as testosterone, the pulse and blood pressure rise, the muscles tense. The blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis triggers the erection.

But it is not only in the genital area that there is a lot of excitement - the brain and spinal cord are also part of a party: messenger substances such as dopamine and oxytocin ensure a real emotional sensation, fear and pain are hidden. The orgasm itself is expressed in rhythmic, reflexive muscle contractions that last between 3 and 12 seconds on average. A healthy man emits around 3 to 5 milliliters of ejaculate during orgasm, in which there are an average of 300 million sperm.

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Messenger substances such as dopamine and oxytocin are responsible for the intoxication during orgasm

Is Orgasm Healthy?

Yes, orgasm reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. Apparently, after the sexual climax, the body secretes more cells that put an end to foreign attackers. Scientist theSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich found twice as many killer cells in the blood of test subjects after an ejaculation as in their blood before the climax. That makes sense, since after a sexual act the body has to deal with a whole bunch of foreign germs, namely those of the woman.

How many orgasms does a man have in a lifetime?

According to statistics, an average active man has 8,000 to 14,000 orgasms in his life and ejaculates a total of 30 to 50 liters of semen - as much as fits in a bar beer barrel. The fact that men like to doze off after sex is also due to hormones: after the orgasm, prolactin is released, a messenger substance that ensures a satisfying feeling and an intimate bond with the partner - but also makes you tired.

By the way, for many men there is a kind of orgasm guarantee during sex. According to a survey, 8 out of 10 men almost always come when making love. In addition, 68% of German men are satisfied with the intensity of their sexual climax. The condom manufacturer Durex found out in a global study that they are above the international average of 60%. And: the more often a man has sex, the happier he is. Daily sexual intercourse makes 83% of Germans happy.

Can a man have multiple orgasms?

Interestingly, for some men, the first shot is far from over, because multiple orgasms are not only reserved for women. However, only about 1% of German men regularly experience the multi-orgasm. If you belong to the remaining 99% - no problem! There are many tricks you can use to delay orgasm.

Pelvic floor training is the magic word. Train your PC muscle (Latin pubococcygeus). This is the muscle that contracts when you break the stream while urinating. Another option is the so-called "start-stop technique": just before you ejaculate, stop stimulating. Usually the urge to ejaculate decreases after about a minute. The aim is to recognize the critical point in good time and to consistently postpone it - first when masturbating. If you have the climax under control yourself, your partner lends a hand. If the delay tactic also works for two, then things really get down to business.

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Premature ejaculation - what to do?

Medication or numbing creams are often unnecessary to prevent premature orgasm because the problem is not necessarily physical. "The causes of premature ejaculation are mostly on a psychological level: Fears, stress and pressure to perform, but also relationship problems can be to blame," says sex counselor and author Michael Hanel.

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About 8% of all men have orgasm problems - but help is available

But genes also play a role: French researchers were able to prove that premature ejaculation can be the result of a disorder in the nervous system and a malfunction of the hormone serotonin. According to the scientists working with François Giuliano, this messenger substance takes on an important transmitter function in the biochemical reaction chain in male orgasms. In about 30% of all men who suffer from premature ejaculation, the genes are to blame, as a Finnish study on identical twins has shown. At the same time, the study shows that in addition to genetic predisposition, other causes play a role. These include above all psychological factors, but also chronic diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The age, on the other hand, is rather insignificant, say the scientists.

It is estimated that around 30% of all men experience premature orgasms. "It doesn't have to be like that," says andrologist Frank-Michael Köhn from Professional Association of German Internists (BDI), since there are effective treatment options available for premature ejaculation that is not hereditary, such as classic sexual medicine therapy or medication. But there are still too few men who dare to address the problem to the doctor, according to the expert.

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What helps with orgasm problems in men?

What if your rocket doesn't ignite (anymore)? About 8% of all men reported having orgasm difficulties: Delayed or absent sexual climax is often related to the aging process, especially in circumcised men. According to a study by the Ghent University The loss of sensitivity of the glans associated with circumcision can be the cause of a lack of male orgasm. But psychosomatic disorders, fears, prostate inflammation or the use of medication such as Viagra or antidepressants can also reduce the man's ability to orgasm. Only a doctor can find out the exact cause.

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What is a dry orgasm?

However, if the ejaculate is missing, the orgasm does not always occur completely: Some men experience a dry orgasm, for example when no seminal fluid has been formed or it has flowed back into the urinary bladder. Possible causes of dry ejaculation are changes in the nervous system or an obstructed closure of the urinary bladder sphincter. This is where a doctor can help: Especially if they want to have children, those affected should think about a therapy that can take the form of medication or electrical stimulation.

That's why if you can't orgasm

Do men fake orgasm too?

Every fourth man has faked the climax, as a US study shows. According to the researchers, the most common reason is the desire to end sex without harming the partner University of Kansas who did their study in Journal of Sex Research published. Another result: orgasm swindlers are usually more sexually experienced than their honest peers.

Most often, men bluff when an orgasm seems unlikely in the situation and they want to end the act. Scientists believe that it is mostly a kind of script in the head of how sex should go and when the right time for orgasm is to blame. Consequence: stress and pressure to perform. In order not to disappoint the partner, the man then fakes the climax.

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How can I improve my orgasm?

With these tricks you can experience the best orgasm of your life: Planning, anticipation and a dash of unpredictability are the essential ingredients for an XXL orgasm. You should say goodbye to established rituals. "Today sex has often become a matter of the mind," warns Dr. Rainer Hartwich from Repotency center of the Heinrich Mann Clinic in Bad Liebenstein.

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Masturbation can help improve orgasm

"The foreseeable is an absolute pleasure killer that has no place in bed. In addition, many men put themselves under pressure, set their expectations too high. They are so busy with satisfying women that their own pleasure falls by the wayside." It is best to proceed slowly when climbing the Lustgipfel. "The longer the point in time is delayed, the stronger the excitement," says author Dr. Frank Sommer. "In addition, the genital glands are stimulated more. The volume of ejaculation increases and with it the feeling of coming."

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Can I increase my orgasm by masturbating?

True sex experts know each other and their bodies inside out: masturbation makes it possible! Even lending a hand is not a sign of sexual distress, but an intelligent way of training for lovemaking. And the same applies to masturbation: no routine, please! Vary the game with yourself and take your time. Those who hold out for more than 15 minutes to orgasm overcome a magical limit and are rewarded with fireworks of pleasure. For example, manually stimulate your penis for 10 minutes. When it feels like you are coming, take a break and wait for the pressure to subside. Repeat the game with a lubricant, because the slippery pleasure intensifies the feeling.

Do you observe in everyday life what stimulates you sexually and transfer this to masturbation: It tingles in your crotch, although there are no hands in it and everything only happens in your head? Great! Try this again in a quiet moment until you climax. Mental stimulation takes time, but gives you completely new impressions. It's like in sport: every minute of training pays off!

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How do you achieve a common climax?

Prepared in this way, you can start making love with your partner. Small aids such as lube, sex toys or a cock ring worn around the penis and scrotum bring additional fun. "The cockring reduces the flow of blood, thus ensuring a plumper erection and more intense feelings, especially in the glans," explains book author Dirk Ludigs.

In case you haven't tried that yet: inconspicuous penis rings made in Germany are available at for just 10 euros.

Now you know exactly how you can give yourself pleasure alone or together with your partner. But the female orgasm is not a book with seven seals either! Seduce your partner, kiss her and treat both of you to slow and intense foreplay.

So you come to the climax together

Conclusion: a man's orgasm can do more

Perhaps your orgasm is already feeling pretty great by now. But it can be done even better! How? By paying more attention to your best piece. Instead of the fast number, you should rely on slow and refined stimulation. Delay orgasm, do pelvic floor exercises, and vary the stimulation during masturbation. Then a more intense and longer orgasm awaits you - on the other hand, every pyroshow looks like a tired sparkler.