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The bad winner


Hendrik Breuer replied on Permanent Link

"I did not know that..."

I am mostly annoyed by the "I didn't know" players, who announce in an insulted tone that certain rules have not been pointed out to them. Sometimes there is also a subliminal and beautiful passive-aggressive fact that they pretend that something has been deliberately concealed from them in order to have an advantage themselves.

Most of the time you have even explained the corresponding rule and they have simply forgotten it (which is actually not a problem if you are just learning a game), sometimes you really haven't mentioned the rule ... can happen when you have a lot of new games explained, but never on purpose. But these complainers don't understand that.

These annoyances are also much more common in my experience than bad winners, which get really offensive. What I sometimes see are winners who give long strategy presentations, unsolicited and somehow boastful. That sucks too.

MeepleSchreck replied on Permanent Link

The great thing about the complainers

The great thing about the complainers about the rules of the game is that they don't explain any games themselves. Because then someone else could nag at their explanation ...

Explaining a game that everyone understands right away is not that easy ...

Wolf Wittenstein replied on Permanent Link

Brooders are the evil

Mainly brooders and optimizers annoy me, who hold up a whole lap and then, after what feels like hours, squeeze another victory point out of the twirling brain turns.

Hendrik Breuer replied on Permanent Link


That's right, at some point optimizing will stop. We have often thought about introducing a kind of chess clock for board games with a fixed time account for everyone. Or simply use a stopwatch to force people to finish their train after 90 seconds.

Does anyone have experience with such radical measures?

MeepleSchreck replied on Permanent Link


No, no experience with it yet, but useful for some games and brooders. Just try it out. You can customize the games as long as it's fun for the group.

Riemi replied on Permanent Link


I've seen everything. : - /

But the nice thing is always, the next game is bound to come.



ben replied on Permanent Link

I know enough about and think

i know enough about them and find them worse than the bad losers. In my eyes, arrogance is one of the most despicable traits a person can have and when that is added in such a situation, I also lose respect for the person. everyone can be happy if he has won through performance (not through luck!) but who then expects that he will be paid and if he does not brag about how good he is, shows primitive behavior in full. Basically, it's no different than provocation and, from a very objective point of view, it is simply not nice. if you play a lot of online games against other people, you will often find that victorious, triumph alone is not enough and you then feel right to humiliate all those who have lost. But if you have lost at chess, for example, and the winner then says "yes, now you can see why you didn't go to college" then that is 10 times worse in terms of bad behavior and crossing boundaries than the grumbling one who loses, because luck is not on his side. that's why I don't think that winning is worth playing when luck plays a major role, because luck and bad luck are not earned by anyone but many seem to think that they have "deserved luck"