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With Webnwine Ambitious wine connoisseurs and collectors receive a database to manage their own stocks clearly. But what use is the best overview of fine wines on the web if you don't have access to them on the go. With the Webnwine app the user can also keep an eye on his collection on his iPhone in the wine shop, at wine auctions or when visiting a winery.

The easiest way to start collecting the inventory of the wine cellar is on the web platform. Each wine is recorded with its origin, vintage, bottle size, storage location and point rating. If you already have your collection as a table, you can import Excel and CSV files. Once the digital wine cellar has been created, it is also available on the iPhone via the user account. You can see on the way which vintages or regions are still missing.

If you have a very extensive collection, you can use the app to filter the display of your wines by categories (including country, type, location). This makes the overview easier and helps to identify gaps if certain wines from a region or a vintage are still missing.

If the user is looking for information about a certain wine, he can look for it via the wine search. Entering, for example, Tempranillo (a grape variety) or Torres (winery) provides suitable results. For the individual vintages, the app offers scores from professional tastings, prices and whether the drink has already been reached. If available, the marketplace lists current auctions for this wine. Tasting notes from professionals are also stored for a number of wines.

If you are out shopping for wine or visiting a winery, wine lovers can make notes on tasting or prices on a notepad. The function of being able to attach a photo to this note is very helpful. A picture of the label helps the memory on the jumps.

In addition to the data on your own collection, the app also offers information from the world of wine. The user can find interesting news about the wine market in a news feed and in a blog.

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