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From "Welt Online", November 19, 2014.

The two rappers Fler and Farid Bang are already cute. Fler, the somewhat older Berliner has steel-blue eyes, but is a bit chubby. Farid Bang, the Spaniard, has a dream torso, but a very flat nose. So it is difficult which of the two is allowed to come to the farm week. but that is not the point.

The two rappers have been arguing for a long time on Facebook. In the past people sprayed “Farid, you stupid man” on the wall of the house, that was called graffiti, or rhymed stanzas like “He walks like a cute little bear / You know who / It's stupid Fler”, that was then called Disstrack. In the past, people shot at each other from moving cars. That was a drive-by shoot and the supreme discipline of the dispute.

German rap is in crisis. Financially things are going downhill. It goes without saying that savings must also be made with the beef. Only Helene Fischer and Cro sell records. Some rappers actually have little more than 50 cents a day to live on. Similar to newspaper editors, uncertain times also come up to the rappers. It won't be easy as a writing rapper in the future. The pressure is great.

As a freelance, often seemingly self-employed rapper - Bushido, for example, allegedly writes exclusively for the extended family of the Abou-Chakers, but still has to pay his social security contributions himself, does not receive any Christmas or holiday pay - the young, well-trained word artists eke out a life in precarious circumstances. In the past, the record companies paid for the expensive cars, the chains, the sneakers, the stretched coke - the rapper's work material. Today the artists rent their equipment themselves.

In the conflict between Fler and Farid Bang, Fler has now called for help to draw attention to the dire conditions in German hip-hop. He actually released his police clearance certificate, which is as important in rap circles as having a well-managed portfolio for architects.

The testimony has three entries: assault, insult, and improper testimony. Good mediocrity, but in the hotly contested labor market in the rap industry, there is not even a flower pot to be won.

In fact, Fler was sentenced to a fine of 120 daily rates of 40 euros each. 120 days is four months. 4800 euros. The court assumes a monthly salary of 1200 euros. Poor Fler. Also to be seen on the certificate of good conduct: the rapper's address. Billy Wilder Promenade in Steglitz. Zone border area, as they say.

It's twenty kilometers to Berlin-Mitte, where the rich and famous of society live, where steaks are eaten in the “Grill Royal” and liters of Riesling flow in the “Cordobar”. With 1200 euros a month, it is hard to think of owning a car. According to rumors, Fler walks the twenty kilometers there and back in the morning once a month, only to smack his nose against the windows of the noble shops during the day.

In its immediate vicinity are only the Segelgemeinschaft Zeuthen e.V. and a fitness studio of the cheap provider McFit. After all, Fler can shop cheaply. A Netto market is just across the street. So he can wash down the hard working day with a can of the house brand "Alki".

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