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Homemade Mecanum Wheels

Hello guys, welcome to my tutorial on homemade mecanum wheels made from metals and wood. I had made four of them and they were designed to fix the movement of a vehicle in a tight space. Every wheel works perfectly, all functions, a Mecanum wheel.

The Mecanum wheel is a design for a wheel that has the ability to move the vehicle in any direction. What I mean by any direction is that, aside from moving like a normal vehicle, it can also move horizontally, diagonally, and can even incline from any angle. It is sometimes named the Ilon wheel after its Swedish inventor, Bengt Ilon, who came up with the idea in 1973 when he was an engineer at the Swedish company Mecanum AB. The coolest part of these homemade Mecanum wheels is that the total building price is me a meager Rs 800 / - if you buy them then they would have cost you Rs 22,000 / - (4 wheels).

Along with making Mecanum wheels, I also included a little tutorial on how to build a vehicle that could accommodate the wheels.

So let's get down to business ...

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