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Automatic stick umbrella, "UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON", 84.5 cm, assorted colors, plastic handle, Ø 1m, (diameter) single
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Here is the ultimate gift for every little Frozen fan. This practical umbrella falls through its great design
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All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping

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Especially in Central European and German-speaking countries, umbrellas enjoy consistently high demand throughout the year, which usually reaches its preliminary zenith in autumn. The often rainy weather, which can stretch over several days or even culminate in brief downpours, gives consumers enough opportunity to use their freshly purchased umbrella. In the umbrella wholesale, you supply residual stock dealers with 1A and B goods or 1B goods, which you can then use to sell in a specialized shop or as part of the accessories section.

Umbrella suppliers: diverse offers for every target group

Whether it is a small umbrella, a transparent umbrella or a "little umbrella", the wholesale marketplace offers you a large selection to expand your stocks and range. The subdivision in this category will help you to find special shapes of the umbrella immediately, including for example:

  • Stick umbrellas (the classic with a large, long handle)
  • Pocket umbrellas (with pull-out handle)
  • Children's umbrella (for example with playful, funny motifs or in bright colors)

They all protect against rain and rely on a tried and tested structure made of a large tarpaulin, which can be transparent or opaque for an umbrella, and a stick with a handle end. Simple locking mechanisms ensure that an umbrella, large or small, can be opened or closed again within a few seconds. As a rule, there is also a small ribbon on the top, with which the flexible tarpaulin can be fixed more easily - for example with a push button or Velcro fastener.

The Knirps umbrella is the smallest version of the umbrellas and is characterized by the possibility of retracting the stick, on which the rounded handle is also located. So it can be easily stowed in a (jacket) pocket or more easily carried by hand. A large umbrella does not offer this option, but it usually looks more majestic overall and is also more robust. The robustness of an umbrella is particularly important when the bad, rainy weather is mixed with strong gusts of wind. The stabilizers on the tarpaulin, which are attached evenly, are intended to prevent the umbrella from folding down.

Likewise, depending on how they are designed, umbrellas can be opened either by push button and automatic or alternatively by hand. Most of today's models that you can find here in wholesale work with an automatic. Using the offers on as a source of supply brings you many advantages if you add the umbrellas to your own range at a later date. Since is a B2B platform, a membership is required to order, which is also held by the wholesalers and residual stock dealers of the returned goods.

High-quality umbrellas are popular accessories all year round

With umbrellas, the focus is undoubtedly on the practical use. With these, your customers do not get wet and can protect clothing, hairstyle and sometimes even shoes. Nevertheless, for many consumers, the umbrella is also a fashion accessory that should be combined as closely as possible to match their own style. The demands of such consumers are also served by the special items and pallet goods on

Visually, umbrellas can therefore differ from one another in this way:

  • Rather subtle and monochrome, for example in black or gray
  • Monochrome, but with eye-catching, bright colors, such as red or yellow
  • Multi-colored, some with beautiful motifs and patterns
  • Handles and sticks in contrasting colors or in a harmonious manner
  • Umbrella for children that is a little smaller, is usually lighter and visually more playful
The high quality of such umbrellas is also reflected in the properties that they develop in everyday life. Particularly robust umbrellas are storm-proof, have an automatic open-close mechanism and are recommended as a loyal companion on every trip. Fittingly, the use of a wholesale umbrella is not limited to use in the rain. The articles from the wholesale marketplace also offer efficient protection against sleet or snow. Outside of the cold season, use in strong sunshine would be an option in order to obtain reliable protection against UV radiation and the associated sunburns or heat stroke. This secondary use is an advantageous circumstance for retailers, since umbrellas are up-to-date all year round and demand is not limited to just one season.

Buy an umbrella at - you will find offers that match your requirements

With over 30,000 members from 97 countries, RESTPOSTEN is an established specialist for items, B2B and "real items". On the wholesale marketplace, residual stock dealers place attractive special items and promotional goods that can bring you, as a B2C dealer, advantageous purchase prices and thus high margins later. Furthermore, you will find customer returns among the offers, which can be easily integrated into your own range, with a still low purchase price and manageable investments. Compact storage of the umbrellas is also possible because it is packed and locked. The diameter of the tarpaulin, which could be very large, does not have a disadvantage in terms of storage and later shipping to end users.

So that you can quickly find interesting items at, you will find various filter options in the subcategories with which you can filter, for example, according to the condition of the goods (1A or 1B goods) or according to price and number of items. If you already have a brand preference, you will also find a list of the available brands on the subpage and you can narrow down the results accordingly. The wholesalers who serve you as sources of supply for umbrellas provide more information on their respective offer pages, including the number of items, the condition and the minimum purchase. Note that is a B2B platform, which is why all prices are given per item and without VAT.

Your customers can use the umbrella they have ordered straight away. It is only necessary to remove the packaging and any labels. Like many other products from the accessories category, umbrellas are not a common part of a return. Most end users are satisfied with the rough selection of a suitable design and a decent workmanship of the umbrella. In contrast to items of clothing, for example, the umbrellas do not have to "fit". On the one hand, retailers benefit from the impressive profit margins, as expected, which are further promoted by cheap shopping, but also from low return rates.

Umbrellas on are offered in different qualities.
Starting with 1A goods, over 1B goods to used.

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Many of the articles listed on are, true to the name, REST or special items that are only available in limited numbers, but stand out due to their low purchase price. Accordingly, as a retailer, it makes sense to be quick with suitable and attractive offers. The cheap purchase can turn out to be a big margin driver when the goods are later sold. It would also be conceivable to integrate the umbrellas into various campaigns, for example as a temporary give-away or gift to regular customers.

If you have any questions about the offer, you can contact the seller directly. For this purpose, you will be shown contact options on, for example the telephone number or email address. From time to time you will also find accessories associated with umbrellas, above all umbrella stands, which you could combine with an order - and later sell together with the umbrellas.

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