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Series information

Maggie is the current Senior Physician of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Shortly after starting her job in Seattle, she also finds out that Ellis Gray was her biological mother. Meredith is her half-sister.

Life [edit | Edit source]

Margarete "Maggie" Pierce was born in Boston to Richard Webber and Ellis Gray. Ellis Gray, who was already the mother of Meredith at the time, gives her up for adoption after she is born. This is where her last name comes from. Before Ellis' pregnancy with Maggie, she consumed a lot of alcohol, but stopped drinking when she found out she was pregnant. Meredith mentions the alcohol thing when she looks through her mother's diary, which keeps showing marks from a wine glass. But the further the diary advances, the rarer the prints become. So she knew that Ellis wanted a healthy baby. Maggie is given up for adoption, whereupon she grows up with great and kind people whom she loves very much.

She confides in Richard, knowing that her birth mother is Ellis Gray. However, she is not aware that she is talking to her birth father at this moment. She keeps telling Richard about it, also in the following season. She tells him about Meredith. Richard has already suspected that she is his daughter, but he is silent about it and does not tell her. But when Richard tells her that he is her father, she pushes him away. She feels betrayed because she confided in him but he didn't tell her that he was her father. The relationship between the two then tightens, which was previously relatively loose.

At first you can see how she often speaks to her parents on the phone. Also send her, her parents funny greetings for her birthday. At first she has difficulties with her colleagues. Especially when she tells Meredith that she is her sister. Meredith can't believe this at first and looks for evidence that Maggie is lying. But when it is proven that Maggie is her sister, Meredith gives up. She tells Derek about Maggie, who is enthusiastic about it and is happy to meet Maggie. With this behavior he also influences Meredith more and more, because Meredith and Maggie get along better and better with time. It even goes so far that the two of them, together with Amelia, move into Meredith's mother's house.

General [edit | Edit source]

When Cristina announced that she would be leaving the hospital, she and Owen began a meticulous search for a successor. At first nobody liked Cristina, but in the end the two decided in favor of Maggie, who then becomes the senior physician in charge of cardiology after Cristina's departure. At first Maggie has a hard time settling in and settling in because she is constantly reminded of her predecessor and is compared to her. It also does not reflect well that she could not remember names so well, and that she did not resuscitate a patient (she had told her personally, but was not recorded in the file). In particular, the situation between Meredith and her is tense, which is also due to the fact that she is Cristina's successor and Meredith has not really gotten over her departure. In the course of the eleventh season, however, she finds her way around better and better.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]


The relationship between the two is difficult at the beginning, as Maggie has taken the place of Cristina, Meredith's "person", so to speak. The two often clash. One of the reasons for this is that Meredith is afraid that things could be similar to what happened with Lexie. At first she didn't get along with Lexie, but as they got along better and better, Lexie died. Meredith is afraid that such a situation could arise again. But over time, the behavior of the two becomes friendly and Meredith opens up to Maggie more and more. The two become friends, so to speak, and at the end of the 11th season they move into the house of their mother Ellis together with Amelia.


Richard is the first Maggie tells that Ellis Gray is her mother and Meredith is her half-sister. Richard then suspects that she could be his daughter, but tells her nothing of his suspicions. Maggie keeps telling him how she got on with Meredith. However, when Richard tells her that he is her biological father, she is heartbroken that he is hiding something from her. Then she wants to quit, but in the end she doesn't quit and stays at the GSMH, but the situation between her and Richard remains tense and at first she doesn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.


Amelia is the one who tells Maggie that while Meredith is tough at heart, it's worth keeping up with. The two get along from the start and Amelia quickly takes them into the family. Maggie also supports Amelia when she smashes the wall in the living room and tries to settle the argument between her and Meredith.

Andrew DeLuca

Andrew is a beginner. He and Maggie meet at a bar when it is having a bad day. The two then begin to kiss and then sleep together. Maggie is anything but enthusiastic about it at first and is very ashamed. But when the two promise each other that the whole thing never happened, they start kissing again and so the two start an affair, which they keep a secret for the time being.

But Andrew wants to make their relationship public, with which Maggie first has a problem. When she makes it official, however, she ends their relationship shortly afterwards, as Andrew does not want any special treatment, but this is said to be the case.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • She was engaged once. Her ex-fiancé is now married to someone else who loves cuddling and sleeping spoons ...
  • Maggie can only sleep alone (which was the reason her fiancé split up).
  • She likes kitsch.
  • Her mother insists that Maggie learn to cook the legendary family lasagna.
  • She has a good relationship with her parents.
  • She likes crossword puzzles, but only the weekend ones because the others are way too easy, and she doesn't give up until she has solved it.
  • When her mother dies of breast cancer in Season 13, a world collapses for her.
  • She likes to bake.
  • She likes children (especially Merediths).
  • She is initially heartbroken about the separation of her parents and thinks that her whole childhood has been destroyed.
  • She can speculate well.
  • She hates to fly.
  • As a child she had an imaginary friend named Ralf for three years.
  • She masters sign language.
  • She is entitled to have free weddings.
  • She can change a tire.
  • She can tell chapter by chapter what happens in every single "Harry Potter" book.
  • She can't keep secrets to herself.
  • She can't listen well - but she always wants to talk about her problems.
  • She had a cousin (Richard's niece) who was very similar to her both in appearance and character)
  • She is very confident of herself.