What is the difference between appendix and appendix

Letter: Appendix and Appendix - Difference

Whether you add an attachment or an attachment to your letter makes a certain difference. However, many do not know this and so errors can occur in a cover letter, for example.

There is a difference between the attachment and the appendix that can be important in a letter. However, the two terms also have some things in common.

Attachment to a letter

The annex is a document attached to the letter.

  • The documents must be separate, self-contained documents.
  • In the case of an application, these are, for example, certificates, training certificates or work samples.

This is an attachment

An appendix is ​​a piece of writing that supplements the main text. Therefore it rarely appears in a letter.

  • Often it is a question of tables, diagrams or balance sheets that complement the text.
  • But it can also be precise statements that were only briefly touched on in the text in order to keep it flowing.
  • It is different with an e-mail. In this case, all attached documents, images and texts are referred to as attachments.

Differences and similarities

The generic term under which the appendix and appendix can be summarized is addendum.

  • Both are therefore additional documents that are attached.
  • The main difference lies in the content. While the appendix supplements the main text, the appendix is ​​an addition that is also important without the letter or document.
  • The e-mail is an exception. Here both the attachment and the attachment are referred to as attachments.
  • You do not need to include the term "attachment" in a cover letter, as the email already shows that something is attached. If you do want to refer to it, you should also use the correct term "system" here.

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