Eat pork in the Bible which verse

Christians are allowed to eat pork

Are Christians allowed to eat pork? Is It Acceptable For Christians To Eat Meat Today?

God first commanded people to eat only plants. However, after the flood, God allowed meat to be eaten:

“From now on you can feed on their flesh, not just on the plants I have given you as food. 4 But do not eat flesh with blood in it, for in blood is life ”(Genesis 9: 3-4).


Later laws were passed that specified certain types of meat for "clean" and others for "unclean" declared. The system provided a means of demonstrating obedience to God and had some health benefits. After Jesus Christ came, God declared all kinds of meat to be clean.

Current slaughterhouse practices are dictated by removing the blood so that today virtually all meat is acceptable to eat after God.


God was the one who instituted the sacrificial system for the forgiveness of sin.But…

The blood of the Passover lamb was chosen to cleanse from sin and to bring the Lord to pass on the firstborn. The New Testament calls Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, a clear symbol of the sacrificial system created by God.

One of the main premises of Christianity is that we free from the Old Testament ceremonial laws as Christ is the fulfillment of the symbols they represent. Paul asks the question right in the Book of Romans:

“For some people, certain days are of particular importance. For others, all days are the same. Everyone should live in such a way that they can stand by it with full conviction. Whoever regards certain days as holy wants to honor the Lord God with them. And whoever eats everything without distinction also honors God, because in prayer he thanks him for the food. But if someone avoids certain foods, then he does it out of love for God, and he also thanks God in prayer and thereby honors him ”(Romans 14: 5-6).

Therefore, Christians are free to eat meat, including pork, according to their own conscience or not to eat. However, all food should be done to give thanks to God.


Are Christians allowed to eat pork?

Some people may feel called to be vegetarian. God does not call all people to be identical. Paul warns us not to violate our conscience when eating:

“God built your church. Do not destroy his work because of any food regulations. It is true that all foods are pure in God's eyes. But some Christians take offense when you eat certain foods. That would be bad. That's why you'd better not eat meat, drink wine, and avoid anything that could bring down another Christian at all. What you personally believe is a matter between you and God. Those who act in accordance with their convictions and do not have to judge themselves can consider themselves lucky. But anyone who doubts when eating whether what he is doing is right has already been condemned. Because he does not act in trust in Christ. But everything that we do not do in this trust is sin. ”(Romans 14: 20-23)


Is It Better To Be A Vegetarian?

Jesus was clearly not a vegetarian, but would not consider factory farming or the like to be good. But in general, Christians are allowed to eat pork or other types of meat. We find enough evidence of this in the Bible.


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