How Much Do Ovw Wrestlers Make

List: The 27 Richest Wrestlers In The World! - (VIDEOS) What happened after RAW: CM Punk, John Cena and the "Macho Man"!

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Reading helps.

Hogan lost 25 million in his divorce and has never lived frugally. Sting has been out of the million dollar business for over 10 years. Sure, he still has enough money, but there is not enough money for the top 27. Especially since there are by no means millions to be earned at TNA. (Furthermore, Sting was never really a figurehead. Not as measured as The Rock, Austin, Hogan, Flair, Cena and Co.)

Also, this is about the net worth. Cash + real estate, so to speak! What someone has made at some point is unimportant if he no longer has the money today.

Flair can have 5 million. If he owns that in real estate, he can still be short of cash. You can't pay bills with real estate, cars and yachts.

Del Rio was a top star in Mexico. And they earn no less there than at WWE. Furthermore, it is no secret that he is very wealthy and does not necessarily need a WWE engagement because of the money.

Chyna makes "movies". Since they are not selling badly because they are still well known, they will still earn well today.

Kane was never a full-fledged top star and therefore has certainly never earned that much.

Big Show signed one of the most lucrative deals of all time after moving from WCW to WWE.

This is about what fortunes wrestlers have TODAY. Not about what you have earned over the course of your career. If someone spends the money with their hands full, he does not appear in the list. If someone earns less, but lives frugally, he can still make it up.

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Some run a website that only deals with such things. But YOU think you know better. On what basis? I tell you: on none!

3 following factors are important here:

1.) It's about REAL ASSETS! This is not the pay slip, but any kind of assets that can be assigned to the person (account, investments, real estate, yachts, sports cars, etc. etc.)

2.) inflation rates. As has already been correctly stated, today's fees are 100: 1 compared to before. That is why a John Cena with a relatively young career very quickly comes up with a fortune similar to that of the icon par excellence, the taker.

3.) Secondary business: With Rocky, the film fees are included, just like with Cena and Miz. Ditto with the taker his real estate business (yes, one can hardly believe it, the old man is a broker in the "part-time job" - I still imagine that to be exciting). And JBL actually had cattle breeding once ... That can be summed up quite well.

I like the list, thumbs up!


1.) Look at the date of the news! 2012! A lot has happened at The Rock since then.
2.) No, that is NOT the salary, but your assets. Wrestlers have issues too. Everything is even there. If Rock makes $ 82 million a year, then at the end of the year he won't have $ 82 million. It is total nonsense to think wrestlers make that much money.
3.) Apart from Rocky (2012/2013) and Brock Lesnar (both a guaranteed sum of 5 million per year), the guaranteed maximum salary at WWE is around 1 million dollars. In addition, there is income from merchandise, video games, PPV bonus payments, stake bonuses, etc.! This means that Cena also has its 5 million a year! All the others are way below that. The undercarders earn in the very low six-figure range and have to bear all of the additional costs themselves. If you're not a top star at WWE, you won't get filthy rich with wrestling.
4.) It is known in detail what, for example, Triple H gets for a salary as a performer. This is being published by WWE as Hunter is part of the executive suite. $ 1 million a year, excluding bonuses. With bonuses, he earned around $ 1.3 million as a wrestler in 2014. Then there is the coal that he receives as an official.