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Unemployment benefit 1: who is entitled to the benefit?

Not every person who becomes unemployed is automatically entitled to Unemployment Benefit 1. Rather, various requirements must be met so that the unemployed can receive the financial benefits covered by unemployment insurance. You can find out which conditions are required for entitlement to unemployment benefit here.

The most important points about the right to unemployment benefit 1 in summary:

When am I entitled to unemployment benefit 1?

You can read here when you are entitled to ALG 1.

Can existing assets preclude entitlement to ALG 1?

In contrast to the receipt of Hartz 4, the assets do not play a role in unemployment benefit 1.

How long am I entitled to ALG 1?

Here you can find out how long unemployment benefit 1 can be granted.

Entitlement to ALG 1: Bases according to the Third Social Code (SGB III)

The legal basis around ALG 1 can be found in SGB ​​III. According to Section 137 (1) SGB III, there is an entitlement to unemployment benefit 1 for a person who

  1. is unemployed
  2. registered as unemployed at the employment agency and
  3. has completed the qualifying period.

But what exactly do these points in SGB III regarding ALG I entitlement mean? Who is now entitled to unemployment benefit 1? unemployment is defined as follows: The person concerned may are not employed and must strive to end unemployment. Furthermore, it is obliged to use the To make mediation efforts available to the employment agency.

If your entitlement to Unemployment Benefit 1 expires and you have not yet found new employment, you should Apply for unemployment benefit 2 at the responsible job center at an early stage.

At least three months before unemployment occurs, those affected must first register as jobseeker.

Shortly before or at the latest when unemployment occurs, the Registration as unemployed at the employment agency to be done. ALG 1 is then applied for in one go.

Contact us not in time looking for work, one can Blocking period of one week enter. During this period you will not receive any unemployment benefit 1.

Qualifying period: From when do you have the right to unemployment benefit 1?

The third requirement for unemployment benefit 1 entitlement is Fulfillment of the qualifying period. But what does that mean exactly? It's actually very simple: Were you in the last two years before you became unemployed? Employed subject to compulsory insurance for at least twelve months, meet this condition and receive ALG 1.

For people who for the most part pursue temporary employment, there is one until July 31, 2018 Special regulation regarding the qualifying period. If the following conditions are met, these people are also entitled to unemployment benefit I:

  • Within the last two years, they must have had a job subject to compulsory insurance for at least six months.
  • The employment relationships were limited to a maximum of six weeks.
  • The gross wages for the past twelve months may not exceed 34,020 euros.

ALG 1 entitlement: Duration of financial support

After we have clarified who is entitled to unemployment benefit 1, we finally turn to the topic of Payout duration performance too. In contrast to the basic security for job seekers, which is also called unemployment benefit 2 or, colloquially, Hartz 4, ALG 1 is not paid out indefinitely.

Those affected only receive it for a certain period of time. The decisive factor for the duration of the subscription is how long those affected were employed subject to compulsory insurance in the five years before unemployment occurred.

And also the age of the person can influence the length of time you are entitled to unemployment benefit 1. While the performance is usually for a maximum of twelve months is paid out, this period can be extended to unemployed people who have reached the age of 58 up to 24 months be extended.

How long does this mean that you are entitled to ALG 1? The following table shows it:

Duration of employment relationships subject to compulsory insurance in the last five yearsRestrictionALG 1 entitlement in months
30after reaching the age of 5015
36after reaching the age of 5518
48after reaching the age of 5824

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Unemployment benefit 1: who is entitled to the benefit?
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