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Canon Pixma error message: bin full

Posted by Zenkel on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Every inkjet printer is equipped with a collecting container in which there are sponges. They are used to catch the ink from the ink cartridges that are used when the device cleans the printhead. They are installed by the manufacturer in such a size that they can normally absorb all cleaning processes for the entire life of a printer.

If you also use the function call Cleaning processes (print head cleaning) or treats your printer so carefully that it is intact beyond the nominal service life, it may bring you an error message that reads "The waste ink container is almost full". If this is actually full, the printer blocks.

The error messages are not triggered by a sensor for the fill level, but by a counter for the number of cleaning processes. And there the printer manufacturers plan substantial reserves between the appearance of the error message and the reaching of the maximum fill level. It is therefore worthwhile to simply reset the counter to zero in service mode.

Using the Canon Pixma printer as an example, we will show you how easy it is:

  1. Switch off the printer

  2. Hold down the resume button

  3. also press the power button

  4. Release the resume button

  5. Briefly press the resume button twice (or five times - please test)

  6. The status indicator changes from green to orange and back to green

  7. release all buttons

  8. press the resume button once

  9. press the power button once

  10. Printer automatically outputs information page

  11. With the service tool V3.4 you have access to your printer and can change various settings (just enter this search term on Google: Service Tool V3400). Of course you can also use it to set the absorber count to zero. If you have more than one Canon Pixma printer connected to the PC, you have to pull the power plug from the others.

The counter for remaining ink can be reset on the Canon Pixma printer, for example, if the resume button is pressed a lot and then the power button is pressed once in service mode. Then the printer has to be switched off and on again briefly so that you can continue printing.

If you would like to call up an extended information page on the Canon Pixma printer, you only need to press the resume button twice and then press the power button once.

Such procedures and service modes exist with almost all printers. They can be found on the manufacturer's support pages and in various forums.

Resetting the values ​​may only be a short-term interim solution. The sponges for residual ink should then be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the printer itself and the desk from being damaged by leaking ink.

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