Lesson 2 where in sub-selection

Shortened basic vocational training, apprenticeship

Under certain conditions, adults can complete a shortened basic vocational training (apprenticeship). The duration of the training is reduced. An apprenticeship contract must be concluded for this path.
There are two forms of shortened basic education:

  • individual shortenings
  • industry-specific shortenings.

In both cases, the reduction is granted because the person either already has a degree, for example another federal certificate of competence (EFZ) or a high school diploma, or because they have experience in the professional field. The abovementioned competencies or diplomas must be proven so that the reduction can be granted. It also needs the support of the employer. This must confirm the candidate's level of competence.

Individual shortening

Candidates who already have another EFZ, a high school Matura, a diploma from another general education school or another qualification or who have a certain amount of professional experience can apply for a reduction in the duration of their training or a dispensation from certain courses. The vocational training office of the canton of residence decides on a case-by-case basis whether the reduction is granted. As a rule, the duration of the training is shortened by one year. Those interested enter the second year of their apprenticeship straight away.

Industry-specific shortening

Special training courses for adults are offered in individual professions. Often it is a second apprenticeship in a similar professional area. The training will be compressed and a specific program will be provided. Such reductions are linked to certain requirements, which depend on the respective occupational field.