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Bavarian sayings

Bavaria is one of the most popular federal states in Germany. Known for Oktoberfest, Lederhosen and of course football. Of course, the unique dialect of the Free State is also worth mentioning. Since it can be quite difficult for non-locals to understand the Bavarian word, we have compiled 100 Bavarian sayings with the corresponding translation. At the next Oktoberfest, this not only enables you to get your pretzels, chicken or meat loaf - it also ensures that you don't look so stupid when someone talks to you in Bavarian. This collection contains numerous funny and humorous sayings. Of course, there are also a few pieces of wisdom that make you think and put a smile on your face.

I'm not up for stinging soups so gschwomma. - Bavarian sayings

1. Griaß God = greeting

2. How do you get there? = How are you?

3. To Guadn = bon appetit

4. Oans, two, g’suffa! = Toast

5. Pack mas! = Let's do it!

6. Wos sogsd? = I beg your pardon?

7. De mim Huat, the san guad. = Those with hats are good.

8. Sacradi, are you a dashing Derndl! = Damn it, are you a beautiful girl!

9. Order is, if you don't know where to start, where you need z’suacha. = Order is when you know immediately where you don't even have to look.

10. s ‘round must go into the square! Or said another way: I'll go to bed. = The round must go into the square! Or to put it another way: I'm going to bed.

Ziag di woarm oo! - Bavarian sayings

11. Look ma mou, then seng mas scho! = Don't worry about this, we have time!

12. Wea ko, dea ko. = Who can, can.

13. Don't give a shit, then nothing! = Don't think anything about it, then nothing will happen to you!

14. There is nothing better like wos guads. = Enjoyment is the best!

15. Thu lay down! = Expresses enthusiasm.

Also interesting:

16. Di Brezn has such beautiful curves as you do! = The pretzel has just as beautiful curves as you!

17. Kloana Kniabiesler! = Thug

18. Nuf the tankard nei da Zinka, Morga mü’ma drink water! The day after tomorrow must, drum cheers! = Put ​​your mug up, tomorrow we have to drink water! The day after tomorrow must, so cheers!

19. So young kemma nimma zamm! = We won't get together that young!

20. I raised no nia ned koa Bia ned drunga! = I have never not not drunk a beer!

So young kemma nimma zamm! - Bavarian sayings

21. Dahoam des is koa ort, dahoam des is a G ‘fui. = A home is not a place, home is a feeling.

22. Hau di hera, samma morea! = Sit down with us, then we are more!

23. Drink in, strive for, drink in, die in, oiso, drink in. = Let's drink, let's die, let's not drink, die as well, so let's drink.

24. Wea ko, dea ko! = Who can, can!

25. Liaba on the belly of the Saufa ois on the hump of the Arbatn. = Better a stomach from drinking than a hump from working.

26. A so a rubbish! = I don't agree with that.

27. Sneak di! = Get out of the way! Get lost!

28. I am not on the stinging soup so gschwomma. = I'm not stupid.

29. This is a great Oktoberfest! = This is a surefire thing!

30. I glab, you're burning there Huat! = I think you are crazy!

Thou put it down! - Bavarian sayings

31. The wead nothing Gscheids ned! = That won't work!

32. Bressiad’s there? = Are you in a hurry?

33. Pfiad di nachad! = See you later!

34. Hello everyone! = Warm welcome

35. Where's the Haisel? = Where can I find the toilet?

36. Dea dances like Lump on Schdägga. = He dances damn well.

37. Gli foid da Wadschnbam around. = There will be a few slaps in the face soon!

38. Kinna dad i scho, oba meng dua i ned! = I could, but I don't want to.

39. Relationships san son schee, because ‘ma to two at four middle finger hod. = Relationships are so beautiful because the two of you have four middle fingers.

40. I’ve got it. I raised di! = I'm fine, I've got you!

41. Cuddle Mehra. Weniga grantln. = Cuddle more. Argue less.

42. Because’sd a heart hosd wiara mine ... = Because you have such a big, good heart.

43. You're the perfect idiot for me! = You are a perfect match for me!

44. You are pictured! = You are to be kissed!

45th Guad look out! Schod, that’d so stupid bisd ... = You look good! It's a shame you're so stupid!

46. ​​I kimm grod on blade thoughts…… kummsd with? = I'm just getting stupid thoughts, are you coming with me?

47. If you only gawk at your appearance, you will miss the most beautiful person. = If you only look to the outside, you miss the most beautiful people.

48. You are there Dopf and I am there Deckl. = You are the pot and I am the lid.

49. Dahoam is, wo’sd song konnsd, wos’d wuisd, eh koana zuahead. = At home is where you can say what you know and want because nobody is listening.

50. The shortest path between two sorrow is a smile. = The shortest path between two people is a smile.

51. I zoag da same where there Bartl an Most hoid = be careful! Watch out!

52. Oan iwan table ziagn. = Trick someone.

53. It is a circle af dera Wejd, da oane hod in Beidl da other es Gejd! = It is unjust in this world, one has the bag, the other the money!

54. Eppas an d grouss Glockn hanga! = Gossip, spread gossip!

55. Mia san olle Zipfeklatscha! = We are all wankers!

56. Dog san scho de dog! = Torn remains torn!

57. Guat gnua fia olle dog, and on Sunndoch anyway nothing! = That's enough for everyday life, and we don't work on Sundays anyway!

58. Bear praises, praises evil. = Whoever speaks speaks badly!

59. Bled wia finf Meder Foidweg. = Someone is totally stupid.

60. I think you're burning Huat! = I think you are crazy!

61. Is dei Voda a Glosara? = Is your father a glazier? You are in my sight!

62. Kost mocha wia Dochdecka. = You can do what you want.

63. Head houch, who is hois aa dirty! = Keep your head up, even if your neck is dirty! Cheer up, even when things are going badly!

64. Oa pig smith de anda. = Equal and equal like to join.

65. Take care of yourself! = Some caution would be advisable!

66. This is hopped like gspruga! = It doesn't matter how you do it, it's the same!

67. It last shirt hod koane Toschna. = You cannot take anything with you when you die.

68. In da Middn keman de Leit zamm! = Consensus in Bavarian.

69. To a five a pass! = Such a fuss because of a little bit!

70th Gähsd you to the Kua - Ausaffa? = Do you go to soap the cows?

71. Glaam hoast don't know anything! = Believing does not mean knowing!

72. Eat woas, thats wos weast, because nothing until eh scho! = You should eat something to become big and strong, because you are small and thin!

73. Ois wuaschd! = It doesn't matter!

74. Ibas Joar abbad ois off! = Everything comes out over the year!

75. Ziag di woarm oo! = Prepare for something!

76. Zwee Giggl at the sejbm Misd teand ned guad! = Two taps on one crap are not good!

77. Gschlampat makes gwampat! = Being sloppy makes you plump!

78. Had Adam bsess’n a Bavarian beer, he would never have eaten the apple! = If Adam had had a Bavarian beer, he would never have eaten the apple!

79. A watschn is quickly greased ois a butta bread! = A slap in the face is faster than smearing a sandwich!

80. I've already got Oidn at home! = I already have a friend!

81. Wois i ned! “= I don't know!

82. I moan scho aa! = I am of the same opinion!

83. Pfiat eich, servus! = Bye and have fun!

84. The little where I eat, konn i dringa aa! = I can drink what little I eat!

85. Mei, mia duad as heart aches so much when I see the ground from the Maaskrug! = My heart hurts so much when I see the bottom of the beer mug!

86. You look like oba oid! = You look old!

87. Hopfa and Moiz, God dahoids! = Toast

88. Da Doud un da Deifi nehma koa Gejd! = Death and the devil don't take any money!

89. Dastunga is no koana, owa dafroan san scho vü! = Nobody has died yet, but many have already frozen to death!

90. Da Oba stings da Unta! = The top one stabs the bottom one - the boss is always right!

91. Dea frogt until then Dreeg hergähd. = Curious person

92. Dea hod gschwoast wia a sow. = He was bleeding profusely.

93. Dea hod eam sauwa plants! = He made a fool of him!

94. You don't get away with it anyhow! = I still have a chicken to pick with you!

95. Now we go to Grombach! = Now everything is going down the drain!

96. Megn dad i scho woun, oba deafa raised i ma ned draud! = I would want to, but I didn't dare!

97. Mia samma mia! = We are us!

98. Hoch de depf and schwoabt sas owe, de bria! = Toast

99. Ia measure hamma but no drunga! = Toast

100. Ma hod’s ned easy, but easy hod’s oan! = It's not easy, but it can easily get to you!