What is a dominant putt for the left eye

The importance of the dominant eye in putting

I'm sure everyone has already "aligned extremely well" when putting, at least thought so, then stood over the ball and noticed that the line didn't fit. This is because every person has a dominant eye Has. If, for example, the right eye is dominant and the ball is under the left eye in the set-up, there will be confusion regarding the line in visual perception. In the future, you should place the ball under the dominant eye in the set-up in order to be able to aim more easily and thus putt the ball more effectively.

How to find out your dominant eye:

1. Form a "triangle" with your hands so that a "peephole" is created.
2. Use this to aim at a target that is razor-sharp when you look through it with both eyes.
3. Now close the left eye and leave the right one open, then open the left eye and close the right eye.
4. In one of the two eyes, the target should disappear from the "peephole". This is then your less dominant eye.

In rare cases it can happen that the target is still in the ┬╗peephole┬ź in both eyes. Then you don't have a dominant eye and don't have to pay attention to anything else.