What is Scutellaria Root Extract

SWATi Hand Care Cream uses traditional Japanese five-star ingredients

Hands, fingers and nails suffer particularly at this time of year. They tend to be dry and crack quickly. Especially in Japan, because the air here is pretty dry at the time. Days of uninterrupted sunshine are one of the joys of winter in Japan, but those UV rays aren't good for your skin.

Fortunately, Japanese personal care brand SWATi has found a successful solution. Their marble range of daily personal care products includes the Raw Hand Care Cream recommended by dermatologists and skin care experts.

Special ingredients

What makes the "Raw Hand Care Cream" so effective in treating dry skin is one of its ingredients, the Fiflow® dill seed extract. SWATi's team of experts uses a highly specialized manufacturing technique known as "liquid crystal emulsification" to create a hand cream that is wonderfully rich and moisturizing, but not sticky.

The heart of the SWATi “Raw Hand Care Cream” concept is the “five stars” of skin nutrition. The first star comes from the earth and is known as the Ogon Scutellaria root extract. It's great for skin texture.

The second star comes from the foliage. It is an extract from the Angelica keiskei stem, a flowering plant in the carrot family that is widely known for its regenerative properties. It is said that if you pick a leaf from the plant at dawn, a new shoot will be visible the next morning.

SWATi's hand cream is available almost everywhere in Japan

The third star comes from a cherry blossom leaf - cherry tree extract, which gives the skin shine. The fourth star comes from a flower, the Artemisia capillaris flower extract, better known as mugwort. In Asia, mugwort is used as a medicinal herb known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The fifth star is derived from a fruit. It is the yuzu citrus fruit, which is a plant-based ceramide component.

The "Raw Hand Care Cream" is available in three fragrances. "Aquatic Magnolia" smells of fantastic magnolias in full bloom. "Vanilla and sunset sea" makes you dream of vanilla-colored clouds in the sky. If you smell “Anise blooming in the mountains”, then you can imagine taking a deep breath on a green, misty mountain slope.

SWATi's "Raw Hand Care Cream" is great for anyone looking for a fresh hand cream with a special scent. It can be used as part of daily skin care routine. It is available in Japan in department stores and selected stores or in the SWATi online shop at a price of 1500 yen (12.63 euros).